Victoria Fuller Voices Support for Black Lives Matter, Admits: I Was Part of the Problem

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Victoria Fuller may still be out on a farm boning Chris Soules day in and day out, but she is very aware of the current crisis across the nation.

Despite her previous scandal, Victoria is very aware of racial injustices permeating our culture -- and is calling followers to learn and help.

Victoria Fuller Snapshot

"These images were sent to me by @barryclarrk of a protest that happened in my hometown Virginia Beach this past weekend."

The images to which Victoria refers are ghastly scenes of armored, militarized police in large numbers, flanked by tank-like vehicles.

"I’d first like to say, I have been a part of the problem," Victoria acknowledges.

She is, in part, referring to photos in which she posed -- while working as a model -- wearing a white supremacist slogan.

Victoria Fuller in WLM Hat

"And for that I am sorry," Victoria strongly affirms.

And she very correctly points out that simply not being actively, personally racist does nothing to combat racism.

"Being naive, staying silent, or not educating ourselves of the ongoing racism in our country IS contributing to the problem," she writes. "Period."

Victoria follows that very correct statement by affirming: "I don’t want to be a part of the problem."

Victoria Fuller on the Farm

"I’ve taken time to educate myself, read, listen," Victoria reflects.

"[And] although I can never fully grasp or understand," she acknowledges, "I am willing to keep learning."

None of us, even those marginalized by other aspects of our lives and identities, can fully comprehend another's lifetime of oppression.

"This isn’t a trend," Victoria says of Black Lives Matter and the effort to combat racism and police violence in particular.

Victoria Fuller Underwear Photo

"This is a societal problem that needs change," Victoria correctly points out.

"[And] hopefully," she says, "I can use my platform as a way to educate."

Victoria aims to use her voice to inform her followers "and continue [every day] to learn from others."

We are all learning and growing as people every day.

Victoria Fuller Instagram Photo

"The BLM movement has fought to create a world free of anti-Blackness," Victoria explains.

Black Lives Matter seeks to create a world "where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive."

"Understanding White Privilege," Victoria continues.

She explains: "White privilege are benefits granted to those because the color of their skin."

Victoria Fuller Picture

"In other words, purely on the basis of our skin color doors are open to us that are not open to other people," Victoria explains.

Those of us who are white might be marginalized in many ways, but not for our race.

"Far too many of us who are closer in proximity to being white erroneously believe that we do not have to take the issues of systematic oppression seriously," she laments.

Victoria continues: "or don’t feel the need to speak up."

Victoria Fuller and a Bubble Wand

"So now we have a choice," Victoria writes.

"We can continue to use unearned privilege to remain ignorant," she says. "or can put aside the color of our skin in order to see clearly and live differently."

Victoria then quotes: "'Not to decide is to decide' -- Harvey Cox."

"Decide. Do better. Be better," Victoria encourages her followers. "#blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd."

Victoria Fuller Pic

"WHAT WE CAN DO: 1. First and foremost; EDUCATE yourself. As I will continue to do everyday," Victoria begins to list.

She then writes: "2. Pick up a book/tune into an audible to READ like White Fragility(one that I have started) or articles sourced on the internet."

"3. WATCH a documentary," she suggests. "A good one I found on Netflix was “13th”; a microscopic insight to what the black community goes through."

"4. DONATE to organizations like Reclaim the Block," Victoria asks.

Victoria Fuller in a Bikini

Victoria's list continues with "5. And take time to REFLECT."

She says that "something that I personally asked myself before deciding to post this 'in what ways does my proximity to whiteness afford me privileges that are not extended to Black people?'"

That is a good question for her to ask herself.

As police violence goes unpunished and further injustices come to light, we are all looking for ways to help.

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