Lili Reinhart Posts Eye-Popping Sexy Pic to Call For Racial Justice, Apologizes After Backlash

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Riverdale star and social media sensation Lili Reinhart has apologized for an unusual and unexpected social media scandal.

But did she really do anything wrong?

Lili Reinhart Close Up

The actress came under fire this week for using one popular thing on Twitter (salacious content) to call attention to another popular thing on Twitter (the Black Lives Matter movement).

But it didn't exactly go as she planned.

Let's dive in to the debate, shall we?

Lili Reinhart in Bathing Suit

Reinhart - who broke up with Cole Sprouse, came out as a bisexual AND was accused of sexual misconduct; all over the past few weeks - posted a photo herself in the buff on Instagram.

She exposed some side boob in the picture because she knew it would generate some serious attention. 

Lil even said as much.

Lili Reinhart Side Boob

But Reinhart then used this attention to shift focus away from her naked body and toward... a recent victim of police brutality.

The actress wrote as a caption:

"Now that my sideboob has gotten your attention, Breonna Taylor's murderers have not been arrested. Demand justice."

Reinhart, Lili

Taylor was a 26-year-old African-American emergency medical technician in Louisville.

She was fatally shot by three plainclothes police officers after they executed a no-knock search warrant ... entered her apartment ... and shot her multiple times while she lay in bed.

As Reinhart has noted, the cops who killed Taylor have not been arrested - and many activists have dedicated themselves to this cause in the wake of the George Floyd killing.

Lili Reinhart Instagram

A handful of social media users, however, seem confused by Reinhart's intentions here.

She was very obviously trying to draw attention TO the case of Taylor's death, using her partially exposed breast as a trojan horse for the cause.

But observers seem to mistakenly think it was the other way around.

Lili Reinhart Exhudes Soft Beauty

"Lili Reinhart really thought she doing something..... this is sick, why do she use Breonna Taylor's name as an excuse to post her sexy pic? weird and gross," wrote one critic.

Another person referred to the star's caption as "ignorant and tone deaf," while a third wrote that Lili's caption was "dumb sexist activism," adding:

"Just how entitled n arrogant one gotta b to associate their side boob with someone’s murder."

Lili Reinhart Looks Lovely

The counter, of course, would be that folks out there want to see side boob, and may not be familiar with the murder of Taylor... so bam! There you go!

Now these ignorant individuals may know the name Breonna Taylor and may grow rightfully outraged over what happened to her.

All because Reinhart grabbed their horny attention. 


Aware of the backlash, though, Reinhart took down her controversial photograph and issued the following mea culpa.

I’ve always tried to use my platform for good. And speak up about things that are important to me.

I also can admit when I make a mistake and I made a mistake with my caption.


It was never my intent to insult anyone and I’m truly sorry to those that were offended.

I’ve tried very hard to be honest on my IGTV lives that I’m still learning and trying to be better.

But I understand that my caption came off as tone deaf. I truly had good intentions and did not think it through that it could come off as insensitive.

Lili Reinhart tweets

As mentioned above, Reinhart (and other Riverdale co-stars) were accused of sexual abuse and harassment by an anonymous Twitter user last week.

Wrote Reinhart in response:

I have always taken sexual assault allegations seriously.

But it was proven that this account was created specifically to create false stories about me and my cast...

Lili Reinhart Pic

I can't think of something more twisted than lying about sexual assault. It invalidates the men and women who are...brave enough to come forward with the truth. This kind of lie can ruin lives and careers.

And I can call it a lie because the person who made the allegations already admitted that the stories were fabricated.

We are looking into taking legal action.

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