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Leah McSweeney is not finished with Ramona Singer, folks.

Not by a long shot.

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Earlier this month, shortly after George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minnesota and protests erupted around the nation in response, McSweeney made it clear that she believes in the Black Lives Matter movement.

When Singer ignorantly posted that "all lives matter," McSweeney positively WENT OFF on her Real Housewives of New York City co-star.

She Liked the response of a social media user who replied to Singer as follows:

"When people use "all lives matter," it takes away the focus from the injustice that black people specifically experience."

The Real Housewives of New York Season 11 Cast
Photo via Bravo

Fast forward a few weeks, meanwhile, and McSweeney has only grown angrier at her fellow Bravo personality.

This time, however, the topic isn’t racial unrest. But rather common decency and shared sense of humanity.

“I am so disgusted by some of my castmates and their families who spent the entire f–king quarantine in Florida, living it up, showing everybody how they’re living it up,” McSweeney said in a series of videos on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday.

She did so while wearing a protective face mask. 

And she also did so while positive COVID-19 cases are sky-rocketing in The Sunshine State.

Photo via Instagram

“Then Florida, of course, the cases surge," continued McSweeney.

"They f–king come back to New York and are out like nothing, not quarantining, not taking this s–t seriously and basically laughing in all of our faces.

"F–k you, guys.”

Let no one ever say that Leah McSweeney holds anything back.

Ramona Singer Nearly Cries
Photo via Bravo

She never cites Singer by name… but come on now. It’s very evident to whom McSweeney is referring here.

Ramona, it should be noted, is the only cast member from this franchise who has spent any recent time in Florida.

“How f–ked up is it if you think you’re going to come back and reap the benefits of our hard work and possibly spread f–king COVID?

‘That is despicable and very déclassé," added Leah.

Ramona Singer on E!
Photo via E!

Over the past few weeks, Singer has been sharing a number of photos on Instagram of herself enjoying “a good beach lounge,” drinking cocktails, getting “all dolled up for dinner,” hanging out on a boat and playing tennis, among other outdoor activities in Boca Raton.

She only donnde a mask in three of the dozens of pictures she has shared on her feed since March… including one on June 18 when she “landed back home” in New York “after 3 months.”

So, yeah.

We all know McSweeney is calling Singer out here.

Leah McSweeney Poses
Photo via Sophy Holland/Bravo

Singer, of course, isn’t the only Real Housewife who has been slammed for her behavior and her attitude during this ongoing pandemic.

Kelly Dodd, for instance, has classified protestors as terrorists and defied shelter-at-home orders to get a vaginal rejuvenation and basically told people to just get over all this silly death.

No, really.

She said this:

Kelly Dodd Mocks COVID-19 Death Toll: Poor People Die, Get Over It!