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As you may have noticed from our 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap this week, Larissa got almost no air time.

Larissa noticed, too. And she is letting her fury at TLC be known.

Larissa Lima is Visibly Frustrated
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Larissa only showed up for a few minutes on this week’s episode, long enough to joke about becoming a stripper.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Colt Johnson took center stage as girlfriend Jess Caroline began to notice some of his many red flags.

Larissa took to Instagram, furious.

"Canceling my cable tomorrow,” she announced to her legions of followers.

Larissa Lima Takes a Thoughtful Selfie
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Larissa explained why she felt betrayed.

“I am shocked that I was given only 4 minutes of air time in tonight’s episode," she expressed.

"Four minutes," she marveled, "to someone who brought in high viewership on her seasons."

Clearly, she feels that this was an outrage.

Larissa Lima Does Squats
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"Clearly," Larissa suggested, "someone in editing doesn’t like me."

Usually, those decisions are made higher up — but anyone at any level might be able to make a star look worse.

"Well," she declared, "I will certainly not plug this show on my time again nor comment about!"


Larissa Lima: The Queen Takes a Bath
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"As I am under contract," Larissa continued, "I will not give out spoilers."

Most of us know most of the spoilers anyway, but those who are only viewers might not.

“But," she expressed, "I’m so disappointed right now."

"All this work, all that filming. For what?" she lamented. "Four minutes!!"

When it comes to her air time, Larissa may be being dramatic … but she’s not actually wrong.

Her airtime was, at most, four minutes.

Factoring out time for commercials, there wereover 100 minutes of actual 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? footage that aired.

That sure seems like a snub to us.

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!

The episode could very fairly be seen as a snub, especially considering how much air time was given to Colt.

However, as many of Larissa’s fans immediately noted, the way that the show works involves skipping some stories on some weeks.

Perhaps, they suggested, she would get a lot more air time the following week.

Sure enough, Larissa has had a change of heart.

Larissa Lima: I'm Coming to OnlyFans, Baby! Avert Your Eyes, Coltee!!
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However, Larissa ended up having a change of heart.

"Breaking News: I was wrong!" Larissa announced to her followers.

She explained: "I received the preview for next week’s episode,"

"And I know now," Larissa admitted, "that I overreacted and spoke too soon."

Larissa Lima and Birthday Cake
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"Yessss, I know, it’s hard to believe I could be so impulsive," Larissa joked.

She is known for being, um, a passionate and expressive individual.

"I am so happy to see what will be shown next week," she wrote.

Larissa is excited "as I really want you guys to see my journey, my life,"

Larissa Lima Shows Off Her Newest Face

"And I can only do this through the show," Larissa explained, "as I am under contract."

She lamented: "I’m unable to be too vocal on my social media right now."

"Thank you," Larissa expressed, "to all of you that understood this."

Larissa Lima Makes a Toast
Photo via TLC

From there, she delved into how her NDA prevents her from sharing as much as she would like.

"So," Larissa reasoned, "this is the main reason I do not post very much on my social media."

"The show is airing," she stated, "and I cannot divulge information not shown."

"And yes, I WILL be showing more of myself, my family, and all other aspects of my life," Larissa announced.

She clarified that she would be sharing all of this "on my YouTube channel after the season has aired."

"Until then," Larissa concluded, "I must be [quiet]."