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There was a time when the idea of reality star June Shannon checking into rehab and getting sober seemed like nothing more than the most improbable dream her loved ones could conjure.

But believe it or not, it happened.

Mama June and Geno Doak Pic
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And what’s even more shocking is that it might not have happened without Geno Doak, the man who got Mama June smoking crack and using meth in the first place.

The season finale of Mama June: Family Crisis saw June and Geno checking into a rehab facility in Florida.

Fans were skeptical about the couple’s chances of getting sober, and rightfully so.

June and Geno Doak Go to Rehab
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At their lowest point June and Geno seemed to value getting high above everything else, including their own lives.

June ignored months of desperate pleas from her daughters in order to continue "partying" with the man who entered her life and essentially set fire to everything she loved.

But in a reversal worthy of any scripted drama, it seems Geno has redeemed himself by not only getting sober, but helping Mama June do the same.

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Therapist Dr. Ish Major spoke with UK tabloid The Sun this week and revealed that as far as he knows, June and Geno have remained sober since leaving rehab in May.

"Geno has been the driving force in their sobriety," Dr. Major told The Sun.

"He has come in and said, ‘We got to do better.’ She has followed his lead.”

In many ways, of course this is an astonishing development.

Geno Doak at Lunch
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After all, this is the man who introduced June to the drugs that very nearly claimed her life.

In other ways, however, it’s not all that surprising.

Geno seems to have held tremendous sway over June from the moment they met.

It makes sense that the man who got her addicted would be the only one who can help her get clean.

June Kises Geno

Currently, the future looks bright for June and Geno. But Dr. Major warns that there are difficult days ahead.

In fact, he went so far as to say he believes June and Geno will both relapse at some point.

“Relapse is a part of recovery. I do suspect there will be one," he told The Sun.

Geno Doak with Mama
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"They’re a couple of months out and their recovery is still very, very fragile," he added.

“Relapse is happening, it’s coming. We know that. Three weeks, three months, six months, it’s happening.”

Dr. Major emphasized that the goal of rehab is to help addicts steer clear of relapses — and also to help them minimize the damage if and when setbacks occur.

Geno Doak with June
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“What I want to see is June build up relapse prevention skills," he said.

The doctor continued:

"I want her to have enough good things in her life so when that day comes, she can make an easy decision. I’m not going to do as much because I got a lot of good stuff I don’t want to lose right now."

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“Hopefully she will gain good things for when relapse comes," he said. "Hopefully they are still adherent to treatment.”

Well, one good thing – at least it could be a good thing, albeit one which could easily turn out to be a mixed blessing – is the fact that Mama June: Family Crisis has been renewed for a fifth season.

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At least that’s what June claimed on her Instagram Story this week.

“B-tches Mama June is back! You heard it right here, we are coming up for Season 5!" June told her followers.

Thankfully, it seems the show is not rushing back into production, and June will be given some time to solidify her sobriety.

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

“We’re not filming yet, but Mama June will be back!" Shannon continued.

Needless to say, there’s a lot going in the extended Honey Boo Boo universe these days.

The news of June’s sobriety comes on the heels of reports that she had crushed her family’s hopes by bailing on rehab.

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Of course, as is the case with all reality stars, particularly those on the fringes of fame, there are times when the Shannons are forced to emphasize the drama in their lives in order to drum up ratings.

Fortunately, it seems that June’s sobriety is as real as it gets.

June Shannon Crushes Family's Hopes, Bails on Rehab AGAIN

Hopefully, she’ll be able to remain clean with the help of her family – and the continued support of Geno Doak.

Now there’s a sentence we never thought we would type.