Judi Evans Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis; Days of Our Lives Star Nearly Had Legs Amputated

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Judi Evans revealed on Tuesday that she has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

And the fallout has been disastrous.

Although it sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

Judi Evans

According to the soap opera star’s publicist, the actress contracted the viral illness while recovering in the hospital following a horse-riding accident in May.

This accident itself resulted in numerous broken ribs, fractured leg injuries, two chipped vertebra and a broken collarbone.

“I spoke to Judi on Sunday and she is STILL in the hospital – 23 days now and counting,” wrote her publicist, Howie Simon, in a Facebook post.

While under close doctor supervision, the 55-year-old started experiencing “mild symptoms,” including fever, aches, a cough.

evans update

However, Simon also said she almost had both her legs amputated on two separate occasions due to “COVID blood clots," adding:

"On top of everything, when she went into surgery on one of her legs, they forgot to numb the leg and cut into her leg while she was fully conscious with no numbing of the area."

Uhhh, YIKES!

Evans has been a regular on Days of Our Lives since 1986.

She also has appeared on Another World, As the World Turns and The Guiding Light.

She won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role in a Daytime Drama Series for The Guiding Light.

Judi Evans Picture

Despite this very arduous health journey of late, Simon confirmed that Evans is feeling better.

"However speaking to her on Sunday, she was in good spirits and back to Judi “humor” despite all these spiraling turn of events,” wrote Simon.

“She has said she appreciates all the prayers for her and they’ve helped her mentally, physically and spiritually!

"She just wants to continue to test negative on COVID19 before she can go home and get the rest she so needs!!!"

Judi Evans in 2013


Evans has now shared her own Facebook post and message.

“Thank You!! Your love and prayers and support have meant the world to me!!” the veteran actress wrote from her hospital bed, as you can see below...

Judi Evans in the Hospital

Evans is only the latest celebrity to test positive for COVID-19.

Others have included Tom Hanks, Andy Cohen, Idris Elba and Kevin Durant; all of whom have since made full recoveries.

However, Broadway actor Nick Cordero remains hospitalized after having his leg amputated in April.

To date, over 110,000 people have died from this virus.

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