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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard seem pretty torn about their future at the moment.

On one hand, the couple may want to return to Counting On, despite the well-documented issues they’ve had for months with Jill’s famous famiily members.

On the other hand, however?

Jill Duggar: A Cute Photo

Duggar and Dillard may soon move out of America entirely!

Derick said as much this week in an interview with The Sun, telling this publication that his family hopes to leave Arkansas for a future missionary trip.

And they may never come back.

“Our original plan from the time we married was to serve permanently on the international mission field," Dillard says. "We are definitely open to moving wherever God would lead us."

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As long-time followers of this family know well, Jill and Derick resided in Central America for two years after they got married in 2014.

In 2017, they announced on their blog that they were moving back to Arkansas and were discontinuing their organization, Dillard Family Ministries.

The timing of this potential new move, meanwhile, comes amid an intense feud between Dillard and his in-laws, most notably Jill’s dad, Jiim Bob.

Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard
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Dillard has claimed he and Jill were not paid for their appearances on Counting On, which they quit in 2017, stating for the record that Jim Bob flat out stole money from his kids.

Derick has said in many interviews and media appearances that Jim Bob has embezzled millions from his offspring and done everything in his power to control every aspect of their lives.

This estrangement has caused a rift between Jill and her siblings, too.

"Because our visitation to the Duggar house has been restricted and that is where they and their spouses hang out, we have not been able to see other family as much as we would like, so that is difficult," Derick previously told The Sun.

Jill, Derick, and Derick's Mustache
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In March, Dillard slammed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in another revealing interview.

“We weren’t even allowed to be the first ones to announce our own life events — our marriage, expecting our baby, our genders of our children, our births — not by our own choice,” he told vlogger Katie Joy.

“If I had to do it all over again, I would’ve announced myself when we were expecting and things like that, even if I would’ve gotten in trouble.”

A few months prior to this allegation, Dillard said he’s workong on a memoir that will expose all the salacious details of the Duggar family.

Jill and Derick on Their Own
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“We do try to invite brothers and sisters-in-law over as much as they can come," Dillard also explained to The Sun, as far as where things stand with the Duggars.

But Derick also made it evident he doesn’t plan on talking to Jim Bob any time soon and that he blames his father-in-law for their rivalry.

“We hope and pray God would restore relationships where there is brokenness," Dillard says.

"But, at the same time, we recognize that only God can change people’s hearts and bring healing."