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In a new and revealing interview, Derick Dillard has opened up in detail about his relationship with his wife’s famous family.

For those unaware, Dillard is married to Jill Duggar.

And, boy, does he despise his in-laws!

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Over the past several months, Dillard has lashed into Jim Bob Duggar especially hard, claiming on numerous occasions that the Duggar patriarch has been stealing money from his kids.

And controlling every aspect of their lives.

And banning Jill from seeing her loved ones.

And generally acting, overall, like a self-obsessed cult leader with no regard for anyone but himself and his own bank account.

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The insults and accusations from Derick to Jim Bob have flown fast and furiously and may even result in legal action.

Can anything save this relationship? Is there any way for it to be repaired?

Dillard doesn’t sound hopeful.

“Because our visitation to the Duggar house has been restricted… we have not been able to see other family as much as we would like, so that is difficult," Derick told The Sun this week.

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Touching on his his rift with Jim Bob has affected Jill’s connections to her siblings, Derick added:

“We do try to invite brothers and sisters-in-law over as much as they can come.”

Alas, there’s only so much that can be done until the main problem is addressed and fixed: Dillard and Jim Bob finding some kind of peaceful resolution in the midst of their rivalry.

"We hope and pray God would restore relationships where there is brokenness," the former says in this new feature.

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To be clear, though, at this point… Derick doesn’t think there’s any way for him personally to reach out to Jim Bob and mend their fences.

Or perhaps he just doesn’t want to.

Either way, "we recognize that only God can change people’s hearts and bring healing," he tells The Sun, implictly stating that Jim Bob is the one who needs to change.

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Derick — who is currently in law school and says he hopes pursue a career in “public service" — also emphasized in this interview his plans to write a tell-all.

He doesn’t offer many details about its release date or anything here, but makes the memoir sound a lot more like a reality than a mere rumor.

"Although the book will be inspired by our own journey, the goal is for it to be relatable, in that it will examine themes that have haunted people for ages," he says.

"Our story is difficult, but it is not unique."

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Jill and Derick have a five-year old son named Israel and a two-year old son named Samuel.

And while the former has mostly remained quiet in the face of her husband’s rebelliion against her father, Jill has hinted of late that she’s done being controlled and/or manipulated by her conservative parents.

She didn’t take part in Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations with her family, for instance.

Moreover, and this may stun many Duggar followers out there, Jill even wears jeans on occasion

Really! It’s true.