Derick Dillard & Jill Duggar: We Want to Come Back to Counting On ... So We Can Ruin Jim Bob's Life!

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If you're a fan of the Duggar clan, then likely you're already aware of the never-ending feud between Derick Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar.

Jill's husband has been on bad terms with her father for at least the past eight months, and possibly for much longer than that.

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar Dillard

As with so many Duggar dramas, the primary bone of contention between Derick and Jim Bob is money.

Derick says Jim Bob stole millions from his kids by pocketing their TLC earnings.

Jim Bob has yet to publicly respond to these claims, and the fact that neither he nor anyone in his family has pushed back against Derick has been taken by many fans as evidence of the patriarch's guilt.

Jill Duggar Dillard and Derick Dillard

Also bolstering Derick's claim is the fact that he and his family seem to live as comfortably these days as they did when they were reality stars.

For over two years now, Derick has been working as a Grub Hub driver while attending law school, and he and Jill don't appear to be having any trouble supporting their two children.

Still, we're sure there are times when the comparatively cushy life of a reality star must seem preferable to driving all over northwest Arkansas, stinking your car up with the smell of strangers' takeout.

Derick and Jill: The Dillards

So would Derick and Jill ever consider returning to the network that made them famous for another round on Counting On?

The answer -- not surprisingly -- is yes ... but only if Derick gets to approve their contracts first.

“We would only consider doing filming if we had a say in the terms of our arrangement," Dillard told The Sun in a recent interview.

In other words, if he gets to ensure that their compensation is commensurate with what stars of other successful reality shows are paid.


Jill's been with the show from the start, and Derick joined when he and Jill began their courtship back in 2014.

Reality stars typically receive a raise each season, which means Derick is probably imagining six-figure incomes for each of them.

Interestingly, for as much as he gripes about getting ripped off by JB, Derick admits that he's not sure if the other Duggar kids and in-laws got screwed in similar fashion.

Jill and Derick on Their Own

“We were strongly discouraged from talking to other family members about payment or lack thereof,” he told The Sun. 

Derick adds that he and Jill “didn’t make any money from the show,” as they were told that the Duggar reality shows were a sort of televised "ministry," and the family was compensated primarily by receiving a platform from which to spread their gospel.

These days, Derick has a lot of irons in the fire, but it seems that the possibility of returning to television -- this time for proper pay -- is never far from his mind.

Jill, Derick, and Derick's Mustache

“I am interested in getting involved in public service," he told The Sun.

"Working with GrubHub has been great, but I also work other law jobs as well.”

Of course, drawing a real paycheck and not having to rely on gig work and student loans is just part of the appeal.

During their time away from the show, Jill and Derick have also been alienated from most of the Duggars.

Derick Dillard With a Mustache

Getting re-hired by TLC would give Jim Bob no choice but to welcome Derick back into the fold on at least some occasions.

“Because our visitation to the Duggar house has been restricted and that is where they and their spouses hang out, we have not been able to see other family as much as we would like, so that is difficult," Dillard told The Sun.

“We do try to invite brothers and sisters-in-law over as much as they can come.”

Jill Duggar Birthday Pic

Fans are probably eager to see Derick and Jim Bob clash on TV, and while we're sure Dillard relishes the opportunity to make things very uncomfortable for his father-in-law, he also seems to realize the best thing for his future prospects would be to try and make peace.

“We hope and pray God would restore relationships where there is brokenness," he told The Sun.

“But, at the same time, we recognize that only God can change people’s hearts and bring healing.”

That may be true ... but a sizable amount of cash probably helps with the healing process, too.

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