Anna Duggar: Pregnant with SEVENTH Child?

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Anna Duggar celebrated her birthday on Wednesday by sharing a photo of herself, her youngest child and her disgusting husband.

Oh, and also by hinting that she might be pregnant.


Anna Duggar, a Kid and Josh

As previously detailed and documented by The Hollywood Gossip and others, Anna and Josh Duggar are parents to six kids.

This is a significant, even remarkable number for any couple.

But it's especially noteworthy for the eldest of Jim Bob's kids and his wife for a variety of reasons we'll break down below.

Anna Duggar and Her Whole Family

Consider the facts:

  • Anna is only 32 years old.
  • She and her alleged soulmate are members of a family whose patriarch and matriarch are parents to 19 children and who basically encourage their offspring to follow suit.
  • Josh is an admitted child molestor who inappropriately touched his own sisters, causing many critics to fear for the safety of his sons and daughters.

So, yeah. The entire situation is rather shocking and scary.

It's Brunch Time!

As for why social media users think Anna is pregnant again? Let's consider her caption this week to the photos above.

"It’s official, I’m 32! It’s been such a special day!" she wrote.

"This morning some of my sisters-in-love and I enjoyed some girls time out catching up over brunch, followed by a pedicure & fun time plant shopping!"

Anna Duggar With the Kids

Nothing interesting or buzzworthy just yet, right?

"This afternoon was spent with my kiddos - reading sweet birthday cards - and lots of hugs and kisses," continued Anna, also writing:

"Josh & I wrapped up the evening with a dinner date, reminiscing our engagement 12 years ago today (can you believe it’s been that long?!?!?!) and dreaming about the exciting things in store for our family in the near future."

Josh Duggar and His Wife

And there it is.

Anna is dreaming about the exciting things in store for our family in the near future?

This could mean many things, of course, but folks all around the Internet jumped to the most obvious conclusion there is when it comes to the Duggars.

Anna D.

Anna must be expecting her seventh child already and that's the exciting thing in store for her family!

Does this seem far-fetched?

Because Anna only just welcomed her sixth kid this past November? Not really. Not at all, honestly.

Josh, Anna Duggar Birthday Party

Not when you consider the history of Anna's in-laws (Michelle was pregnant with twins, her 10th and 11th kids, at age 32!) and not when you consider that Anna gets next to no say in her own life.

She might be tired. Her body might need a serious break.

She might wish she were done having children.


But she's part of a cult that has no respect for women and only see them as human incubators, so here we are.

Every two years or so she has another; #7 would be even sooner than that, but not by all that much. So ...

Would anyone actually be surprised if there were a baby growing inside her so soon once again?

Anna Duggar and Her Youngest

Concluded Anna in her birthday post ...

As I reflect on the kindness and grace of God throughout my life, I am reminded of God’s greatest gift — eternal life by the death & resurrection of Jesus.

The song “My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness” by @gettymusic echoes in my heart today!

Anna Duggar and Some Family

No other hints there that could be another bun in Anna's oven, no. You can go ahead and draw your own conclusions.

As for the Duggars themselves?

They actually did recognize this occasion on Instagram, writing on their official account:

Anna Duggar and Child #6

"Happy Birthday, Anna! Anyone who knows you, knows this to be true—you are the real deal."

"Your faith in Christ is rock solid."

"His love flows through you to everyone you meet. You are a natural nurturer!"

Anna Duggar with Baby

"This is so evident by the way you love your family, not to mention the endless variety of animals and pets you rescue and care for!"

"It's pure joy to have you in our family," they added.

"Enjoy your day, sweet Anna! You are loved!"

We hope she had a nice birthday and wish her the best. Just a reminder above of who she remains married to.

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