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Wendy Williams has gone ahead and really done it now.

The talk show host has made a living for years by trashing celebrities all over the place, from Khloe Kardashian’s second baby plans to the 13-year old son of Britney Spears.

But now Williams  has gone ahead and dared to trash Ray J.

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To his face, no less!

The beloved artist — who was the man behind both the camera and Kim Kardashian herself in the best-selling Kim Kardashian sex tape — appeared late last week as a guest on Williams’ talk show, which is being filmed at Wendy’s home these days.

Coronavirus and all, you know.

Nearly as soon as Ray J’s face popped up on screen, however, Williams simply attacked the rapper.

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“How is the long-suffering Princess Love?" Wendy asked Ray J of his wife.

"She’s doing well," Ray J responded, ignoring the slight. "She’s the best mother in the world."

About six months ago, Princess Love threatened to divorce Ray J.

She did so after accusing her husband of flat-out abandoning her and her unborn child in Las Vegas, a development that Williams apparently remembers well.

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"You haven’t been the best husband Ray J," Wendy told her guest.

But the man best known for penetrating Kim Kardashian on camera and then collecting millions of dollars as a result didn’t take the bait.

"Listen, God is good, we’ll all get better. I can do better, I can definitely do better, and I will do better," Ray replied, adding simply:

"I’m working towards making sure the kids know that we love each other and we love them more than anything."

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Ray J and Princess share a one-year old daughter named Melody Love; and a son named Epik Ray, who was born on December 30.

"Ray J, I don’t even like that I love you," Wendy then said. "Ray J, what is your problem."

After getting into a social media fight following Ray J’s alleged abandonment in November, the artist and his wife jumped on some program called The Conversation in March to air their grievances in public.

Williams didn’t think this was a good move on their part.

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Said Wendy:

"It shows that she’s a good mom and she’s tried to be there for you — she’s put up with more than she needs to — and it shows that you’re the type of man who will never be faithful."

Ray J objected at this point, claiming that his fidelity wasn’t the "problem" and that the couple’s main issue has been the pair just not seeing eye-to-eye.

"It more seemed like your way or no way," Wendy said in response.

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"No, no, no — her way or no way, her way or no way — and I’m with that," Ray J retorted.

He then emphasized that he was in a hotel room during the interview, awaiting his wife’s approval to return home safely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sort of a weird defense of one as a strong husband, no?

"It’s what she wants to do and I’m gonna ride with her," Ray J concluded.

Speaking of riding… remember when Kim Kardashian rode Ray J in the former couple’s often-viewed amateur adult home video?