Kylie Jenner Serves Looks at the DMV, Stuns Fans With Sultry Driver's License Photo!

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A lot of celebrities have delivered a lot of quality content while sheltering in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

But it's Kylie Jenner who's earned the title of quarantine queen.

Kylie Jenner Crop Top Selfie in Lockdown

From the moment that the order went out to put on your favorite sweatpants and enter binge mode to the time when crazed anti-maskers started to taking to the streets demanding the right to die at work, Kylie has been making this pandemic her bitch.

You looking for wine mom jokes about drinking yourself to sleep?

Kylie's got you covered.

Perhaps you were wondering what it would look if Kylie twerked in bikini?

Kylie Jenner Poses in a See-Through Dress

Well, fear not -- the world's youngest billionaire is happy to put on a demonstration.

As we enter our third month of quarantine with no end in sight for Californians, you might think that the single mom would be running low on ideas.

Buy Kylizzle didn't reach reach 10-figure status by just giving up when the going gets tough.

If anything, she's now delivering the freshest content of her career.

Kylie Jenner Stretch Marks

Yesterday, Kylie's so-called "stretch mark selfie" absolutely lit Instagram on fire, with fans proclaiming that they now felt more confident about their own bodies.

Today, Kylie is breaking the internet in even more surprising fashion.

She's got fans obsessing over her latest pic and wondering how they can achieve the same look.

There's nothing new about that, but what's different in this case is that we're not talking about a Vogue photoshoot, or even a selfie snapped at Kylie's $36 million mansion.

Kylie Jenner Drivers License

It's a driver's license photo, presumably taken at the DMV.

Yes, Kylie posted a pic of her new license on Instagram this week, and fans were floored.

We probably don't need to tell you that license pics are notoriously unflattering, and yet, Kylie found a way to make hers work.

Maybe it's a testament to her natural beauty, or perhaps she used her clout to get the photographer to do 37 takes.

Kylie Jenner Quarantine

Whatever the case, fans are impressed.

“My license does nottttttttt look like this [laughing emoji],” one follower commented, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“Imagine looking this good in your dmv pic with awful lighting and no good angles. Can’t relate,” another wrote.

Yes, it looks like we can officially add "hot driver's license photos" to the long, long list of perks that come with being fabulously wealthy.

It's good to be the queen.

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