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Jokes about the Kardashians and plastic surgery are like the coronavirus — they’re everywhere; it seems like they’ve always been everywhere; and we’re starting to think they might never go away.

But while everyone agrees that Kylie Jenner has transformed into a different person, and Khloe Kardashian has sculpted her figure to perfectly match the dimensions of a Barbie doll, Kim’s "work" has generally been far more subtle than the procedures her sisters have undergone.

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But Keeping Up With the Kardashian fans believe Kim recently altered her appearance in a blatant and regrettable way.

On Reddit, the Botox truthers point to a specific scene from a recent episode as evidence.

You may remember the episode in which Scott Disick asks for Kim’s help in preparing for an upcoming public speaking engagement. 

Scott may have been preparing for the spotlight, but all eyes were on Kim as he prepared his speech.

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“Kim is normally a very beautiful person, but good god does she look strange here," one Reddit user wrote.

“Her face doesn’t move like a normal face anymore," another added.

"She’s been looking worse and worse. Like when she smiles her face looks so stiff and she looks so unnatural." a third follower chimed in.

"Also, her lips have been looking super huge and just unflattering lately. I don’t know if it’s the way they’re lining her lips but it just looks ugly."

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Like we said — pretty harsh criticism, but it’s not entirely without merit.

Kim does look different in these screenshots, but the situation is not nearly as dire as fans are making it out to be.

For starters, it’s not as though Kim is hideously disfigured here.

She’s one of the most frequently-photographed people on the planet, so we’re all much more likely to notice even a minor change in her appearance.

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That said, there’s no denying that she looks a little different here.

But that doesn’t mean she’s recently gone under the knife.

Kim has admitted to receiving Botox treatments on several occasions, and anyone who’s ever received any sort of temporary facial filler can tell you that it’s not an exact science.

The same size injection that achieved the desired results last month can leave you looking bloated this month.

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While the speculation on social media will likely lead to a lot of attention-grabbing headlines about Kim undergoing a botched plastic surgery procedure, that’s almost certainly not the case.

There’s a reason that Kim’s face hasn’t attracted as much attention in more recent episodes of KUWTK.

In time, the swelling subsides, and one’s face returns to its normal proportions.

We’re sure Kim will take some flak for devoting so much time and money to combatting the aging process, but at her level of fame she’d be ridiculed just as much — perhaps even more — if she allowed herself to simply age naturally.