Kelly Dodd: Losing Custody of Jolie After Ignoring COVID Guidelines?

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Fans are disgusted by Kelly Dodd's despicable statements about COVID-19, and horrified that she seems to think that the pandemic can't touch her.

It is now reported that ex is horrified, too, and is filing for custody to keep their daughter safe from Kelly's recklessness.

Kelly Dodd Hugs Daughter Jolie

AllAboutTheTea reports that Kelly Dodd's chickens are coming home to roost in the most painful way imaginable.

"Michael Dodd is talking to a lawyer about filing a motion to ask the court for full custody," an insider claims.

Jolie is 13 years old, and will turn 14 next month.

Apparently, Michael has some very specific reasons for worrying about Kelly's mothering skills at this critical time.

Kelly Dodd  at BravoCon

'He does not want Kelly around Jolie," the source reports.

Specifically, the insider explains that Michael is concerned 'with her constant travel to NYC.”

Kelly has been jetting back and forth between Orange County and New York to see her boyfriend, Rick Leventhal.

During the middle of a devastating, once-in-a-century global pandemic, it's alarming to see her duck in and out of an outbreak epicenter.

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal Are Engaged

“He believes that Kelly is acting recklessly," the source explains.

"And," the insider continues, Michael is concerned that Kelly "could expose their daughter to the virus."

Certainly, being on lockdown and social distancing doesn't mean squat if, half of the time, someone else in your household is ignoring the rules.

Jolie could adhere to every single guideline, but become exposed to this devastating, deadly virus through her mother.

Kelly Dodd, Michael Dodd

'He also wants Kelly to submit to drug and alcohol tests," the source reveals.

"And," the insider adds, Michael wants to "limit visitation to weekend days."

Even then, there would be restrictions and safeguards.

The source alleges that Michael would want for those weekend day visits to take place "with a court appointed guardian present."

Kelly Dodd is Amused

"Michael thinks that Kelly is not fit to be a mother," the insider flatly states.

According to the source, "He claims that she’s never home,"

"And when she is," the insider says that Michaela ccuses, "she throws parties."

The source reports that Michael fears that Kelly is too wild "and is constantly drunk in front of their daughter"

Gina Kirschenheiter, Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Emily Simpson

Michael is not alone in his assertions ... and is receiving help from someone very close to home, it seems.

"One of Kelly’s closest friends is backing up Michael’s allegations," the insider teases.

According to the source, this friend is "claiming that Kelly drinks alcohol almost daily."

"And," the insider adds, Kelly apparently "can drink two bottles of wine, by herself, in one sitting."

Kelly Dodd Flips Out

We cannot speak to Kelly's behavior within her home.

Two bottles of wine is a lot for some people.

For others, it's a moderate amount, so long as it's not a regular thing.

But we can see how someone might be concerned about a parent's ability to care for their child while under the influence.

Kelly Dodd comment

Aside from the wine and allegations of partying, however, the coronavirus recklessness goes right ot the heart of Kelly's recent controversies.

In April, she described this devastating pandemic as "God's way of thinning the herd," though she later apologized for her vile words.

Then, just this week, Kelly mocked the COVID-19 death toll, spread absurd misinformation, and expressed callous disregard for human life.

If Kelly had to sound like an edgy 12-year-old who's too cool to care about other people, she could at least not broadcast her thoughts.

Kelly Dodd mocks COVID-19 death toll ... again

But this isn't just a PR problem. As we explained at length this week (in the post linked above), Kelly may be putting herself at real risk.

If she thinks that COVID-19 is comparable, in symptoms or in death rate, to the flu, she's flat wrong.

But it may explain why she doesn't get that it's a big deal.

Unfortunately, belief or disbelief does not change the reality of the virus, or how easily it can be carried and transmitted.

Braunwyn Windham Burke, Emily Simpson, Kelly Dodd, and Shannon Beador in Masks

We have all seen how Kelly gathered with fellow Housewives to snap photos in face masks while flagrantly breaking social distancing guidelines.

They were all thoroughly COVID-shamed for the harebrained photo op.

Of particular concern were Shannon's fragile lungs and Kelly's series of non-essential flights to and from New York throughout this crisis.

Folks, boning your fiance is not an essential activity. It just isn't. Either hunker down together or do sexy video chatting. Don't board a plane.

kelly dodd and braunwyn windham-burke bts IG

We cannot attest to the veracity of the inside source's claim about Michael Dodd's intentions.

What we do know is that Kelly has done possibly permanent damage to her reptuation as a Housewife and as a human being over the past month.

It's not just that she believes misinformation or even that she spread it despite knowing that some followers are very impressionable.

She made it crystal clear to fans that she just doesn't care about them. Some will never look at Kelly the same.

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