How to Get Away With Murder Wraps Up... With Lots of Death

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Well, that went about as well as expected. 

How to Get Away with Murder wrapped its six-season run Thursday night, and in true Shonda Rhimes fashion, there was some more murder!

Opening with a shooting at the courthouse, the series finale then took us back to three days earlier, with Annalise realizing that the jig was up. 

Annalise and Tegan

Hannah Keating is dead, and Annalise's last hope of freedom was seemingly buried alongside her. 

But, a pivotal question remained:

Who killed Hannah? 

Annalise's immediate thought was that Frank was the perpetrator after learning the shocking revelation that he was a product of Hannah's incest relationship with her late brother/ Annalise's ex-husband Sam. 

While we never did get an answer about who killed Hannah, Frank turned his attention to Hannah's attorney, later holding him at gunpoint to get a flash drive that could help Annalise's case. 

How to Get Away With Murder Scene

Bonnie continued to worry about Frank, more so after she dropped the bomb about Hannah and Sam being his parents. 

In a truly wild scene, Bonnie searched for him and found herself in Laurel's apartment. 

That's when the latter revealed that Bonnie and Frank were meant for each other -- a weird revelation given everything that's happened between the three of them. 

“If anyone can make him happy, it’s going to be you,” Laurel told her love rival.

Just when it seems like there was light at the end of the tunnel for Bonnie and Frank, Frank said he could not forgive her right now but admitted that she “should’ve put a bullet in my head ’cause that would be nicer than what you did."

Shot. Fired. 

Viola Davis for ABC

Frank followed that up by visiting Gabriel and offering him $84,000 to not take the stand against Annalise, dropping the bomb to his newfound half-brother that Sam urged him to kill Lila all those years ago. 

When it came to the day in court, Jorge showed up, and flat out denied that he had any connection with the governor. 

Instead, he used it as a ploy to turn everyone against Annalise and Tegan, saying they conspired against him. 

After he left the courtroom, Laurel told Tegan he murdered her mother and that there were millions of dollars in it for her if she helped dole out some revenge. 

In a later scene, Jorge was brutally murdered in prison. Did Laurel and Tegan order the hit? We never got an answer, but it seemed to be the case. 

Karla Souza for ABC

Meanwhile, Connor started to realize that he needed to be true to himself and realized he needed to come clean about his part in everything. 

That did not go down well with Oliver, who noted that he gave up his life for him and that he didn't want them to drift apart if one of them was sent to prison. 

Oliver even threatened to divorce Connor if he gave up, but the latter was thrown for a loop when Agent Langford offered up a brand new deal that would involve no prison time. At all. 

Connor ditched the offer, and confronted his husband, ultimately learning that his Oliver brokered the deal when he agreed to testify against Annalise, so Connor asks for a divorce. 

Yes, really. 

Rome Flynn for ABC

When the governor took the stand, she denied everything, claiming to have no association with Hannah or the Castillos, but Annalise was armed with a call recording that essentially named the governor as a killer. 

Langford then told Nate he will give him $20 million to testify against Annalise, but Nate stuck his neck out for Annalise in the end, noting that Hannah was behind the murder he was blamed for and alleging that Langford ordered the hit on Asher. 

Nate later told Annalise that he found a way to get rid of the hate he had for her, and offered up Wes' confession. 

Annalise wondered whether to accept jail time because she started to understand that she did some truly treacherous things. 

The closing arguments arrived, and Annalise concede dthat she has done some bad things and that she has had a mask on her whole life to fit in with people. 

Connor and Oliver on HTGAWM

This allowed Tegan to realize she was in love with Annalise, but Annalise said that Tegan deserved so much better, and asked her to move on. 

In the end, Annalise secured a victory, but that also meant Connor was headed to jail. His last meeting with Oliver was a tough one, with Connor ultimately dumping Oliver and thanking him for showing him how to love. 

Michaela tried to comfort Oliver in the aftermath, but he cut her off, yelling that she should have been in jail. 

In a flash-forward, we learned that Michaela did become a judge and stayed away from the rest of the group. 

Aja Naomi King for ABC

Annalise held a press conference outside the court, but Frank arrived waving a gun and opened fire at the governor. 

He was shot by security, and poor Bonnie was caught in the crossfire, so the pair died in the arms of one another. 

It was a wild development, but these two were so close for most of the series. 

It was somewhat poetic, we guess. 

We finally caught up to Annalise's death, but it turned out she lived a fulfilling life after having a relationship with Tegan, before returning to her first love, Eve. 

A Wreath for Annalise

The person at the funeral who looked like Wes was revealed to be Cristopher, confirming that Laurel stayed in contact with Annalise until her death. 

Laurel also bumped into Connor and Oliver, revealing they found their way back to each other. 

The final scene found Cristopher now teaching the course at Middleton University. 

Is history about to repeat itself?

It was a bonkers conclusion for sure, but par for the course with this show. 

What did you think of the ending?

Hit the comments. 

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