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According to recent rumors, Adele lost $170 million in her divorce from Simon Konecki last year.

That’s a whopping amount, of course.

And yet: There’s a different whopping amount, in a different context, that really has fans talking about the singer at the moment.

Adele Accepts a Grammy
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By which we mean… Adele just lost 100 pounds!

Earlier this month, the singer celebrated her 32nd birthday by sharing a brand new snapshot and a caption that mostly thanked first responders for their actions throughout this Covid-19 outbreak.

Observers, however, almost entirely ignored this very nice message.

Everyone, instead, was focused on the stunning weight loss featured in the photo below, with controversy even breaking out over whether or not social media users went overboard in their praise of Adele for shedding so many pounds.

Photo via Instagram

We’re not gonna delve back into that controversy here, though.

We’re just gonna answer the following question: How the heck did Adele pull this off?!?

According to The Today  Show, quoting speculation around the Internet, Adele has long been following The Sirtfood Diet."

This regimen includes multiple phases and focuses on "cellular wellness at a genetic level," says Aidan Goggins, one of the creators of the diet.

Other stars who have been known to follow this diet include Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, and boxer Connor McGregor.

Adele, Folks
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The Sirtfood Diet operates similarly to intermittent fasting patterns and is based on activating sirtuin genes.

This diet is comprised of two different phases, various Sirtfood-based green juices and one full meal every 24 hours…  all for a total of 1,000 calories per day. Which sounds insane.

Eventually, users build up to more meals and more calories.

Some of the top Sirtfoods, meanwhile, include leafy greens such as arugula; kale and parsley; strawberries; walnuts; extra virgin olive oil; dark chocolate; curry spices; green tea; red wine; and coffee.

Adele Honors George Michael
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As for what motivated Adele to make such a drastic change?

The diet has helped this Grammy-winner “embrace motherhood on a whole different level” with 7-year-old son Angelo Adkins, a source tells Life & Style, adding:

"She says she has more energy now — every aspect of her life has shifted. She feels energized and excited about the future.”

The insider also says that Adele’s goal was to get "healthy," not to look more pleasing to anyone’s eye.

Adele in Black/White
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She’s also aware of the praise that has come her way as a result of this fresh look, along with the criticism of those who think a woman shouldn’t be gushed over … simply for losing weight.

Typically a private person, Adele wants no part of this topic.

“Adele is finding the attention very embarrassing and still cringes when she walks into a room and all eyes are on her," a source tells Heat.

Adele Rules!
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Finally, according to yet another source, Adele isn’t interested in dating right now.

She didn’t lose weight for a man, okay/!?

Following a brief, rumored fling with British rapper Skepta, this person says “romance is on the back burner" for Adele these days.

Although the superstar has friends “who want to set her up,” the songwriter “says all of that can wait.”