Maci Bookout Pushes for Affordable Birth Control in Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek

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We don't mean to be trite here, but...

... you go, girl!

In a new sneak peek at next Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout talks at length about her personal experience with birth control -- only to then pivot to an advocacy position on this topic.

Maci Bookout Talks to Taylor

Confused? This will make sense in a moment.

"My birth control has been expired for a couple months," Bookout explains in a PopCulture clip of having a small hormonal implant replaced in her upper arm.

She continued:

"When it expired, [husband Taylor McKinney] and I discussed the possibility of him getting a vasectomy, but he ended up deciding he wasn't ready to commit to not having any more biological kids.

"So I'm getting it replaced today."

Taylor McKinney on Teen Mom

We should probably stop there for a moment, too, huh?

It sounds like Taylor and Maci may actually have more children down the line.

In the clip, meanwhile, Bookout goes through with her implant procedure without incident.

She then reveals to McKinney that the issue of payment had her thinking in depth people in a more challenging financial situation.

Maci on MTV

"My birth control is really expensive," says Bookout, going on as follows;

"Like when I say expensive for implant, IUD, we're talking more than $1,000 out-of-pocket cost.

'And that's just for the implant itself.

"We are in a blessed position where, yeah, that's a sh-tload of money, but we can do it. But a lot of people can't."

Maci Bookout, Front and Center

This isn't something we see often on Teen Mom OG: a cast member being self-aware enough to consider her situation, compare it to others around the world... and then strive to do something about the differences.

It's very admirable.

Researching local organizations that help women pay for their birth control, Bookout comes upon A Step Ahead Chattanooga.

"Even if you have insurance and your insurance only covers a little bit of it, they'll cover the rest," she tells her husband of the organization.

"So I really want to reach out to them and see if there's anything I can do to help, because this is a big deal."

Maci Bookout Moves On

To Taylor's credit, he's nothing but supportive of Bookout in the clip, urging her to continue her advocacy work.

"You definitely have the platform to make a change, and just look what you've done with your advocacy work for PCOS Challenge," he says.

McKinney is referring here to Maci's work on behalf of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome awareness, as she's recorded videos in the past and talked openly about this ailment.

Maci is by far the most socially active of all Teen Mom cast members.

What About Maci?

Said Bookout in the past about her previous advocacy work:

"Once I realized this was a much bigger thing for a lot of women than I could even comprehend, that's when I really dove deep into figuring out what I could do to get things moving for research and funding."

Bravo, Maci.

We applaud you for taking full advantage of your celebrity status, and for reaching far beyond yourself when it comes to causes such as this.

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