Kelley Flanagan: Peter Weber Went INSANE While Shooting The Bachelor ... But He's Back to Normal!

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Well, it's official.

At first, it seemed too bizarre to be true, but know we know for certain -- Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are dating.

Peter and Kelley

The rumors began when Peter was spotted hanging out with Kelley in Chicago.

This was shortly after the quarantine began, so casually popping in a on a friend in a different state is not something that anyone was doing -- including pilots.

In the weeks that have followed, Peter has rarely left Kelley's side

(As a pilot, Peter is considered an essential worker, so has to occasionally jet off -- literally -- to perform his job duties.)

Kelley Flanagan, Peter Weber on The Bachelor

Anyway, many fans of the show have been openly wondering how Kelley could be so foolish.

After all, she was fifth place finisher on the show, and Peter put Kelley through the wringer just like he did with all his other finalists.

But now, Kelley is speaking out in defense of her new relationship.

She insists that the Peter fans saw on TV was not the real Peter, as he had driven mad by the pressures of the show -- and that now, he's totally back to normal.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Kelley is blown away by how much Peter has changed in the months since he handed out his final rose.

“The girls from Peter’s season are seeing a completely different side of Peter now from who they knew on the show,” a source tells the tabloid.

“He’s much more laid-back, relaxed and chill," the insider adds.

"On the show, he was guarded and seemed to be putting on a front.”

Kelley and Peter Weber

The source appears to be speaking on behalf of Kelley, but to be fair, of all the contestants, Flanagan might be the authority on how different Peter is in his pre- and post-Bachelor days.

After all, they met -- and probably banged -- before he started filming the show, and it's been rumored that Peter is the one who convinced her to audition.

“During the show, Kelley noticed Peter was different from what she had remembered when they first met in real life,” the source adds.

“Now he’s back to the person she first knew and that’s why she is hanging out with him again.”

Kelley Flanagan, Peter Weber

“Peter has been through the wringer,” a second source claims.

“The world watched him fall for Hannah [Brown], Hannah Ann, Madison and now Kelley," the insider adds.

"It’s been a confusing roller coaster of a process, but he‘s in a really great place despite everything. His family has helped keep him grounded.”

And importantly, it looks like the Webers approve of Kelley.

Kelley Flanagan on Insta

She's the only contestant from his season who's followed by every member of Peter's family on Instagram.

Not even his top two ever enjoyed that honor.

In fact, earlier this week, Peter unfollowed Madison Prewett after she gave a candid podcast interview about their time together.

Fans might be disappointed by Peter's unwillingness to commit, but you can be sure his mom appoves of the decision to dump Madi in favor of Kelley!

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