Jana Duggar Flaunts Bare Legs in a Form-Fitting Dress for Easter

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Fans are still debating whether the Duggars followed social distancing guidelines on Easter Sunday.

But no one is questioning that Jana looked absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in her Easter outfit.

Duggar, Jana Photo

Easter Sunday is a huge event for Christians.

It's a religious holiday that has also wormed its way into the mainstream, if in a secular form.

As fundamentalists, the Duggars do not hold back when it comes to religious holidays, even if they celebrate differently than others of their faith.

But this photo of Jana in a gorgeous spring dress is one that we can all appreciate.

Jana Duggar in a Lovely Easter Dress

Jana's green dress almost blends into the gorgeous background, which is either in a park or on the expansive Duggar property in Arkansas.

As she gazes out upon the natural beauty of the outdoors, her own beauty is apparent.

In what appears to be defiance of Duggar dress codes, her dress is form fitting, brought in around her midsection to show her hourglass figure.

The dress stops around the knee, flashing most of Jana's bare leg.

Jana Duggar Gardens

We're sure that Jana wasn't trying to be rebellious or defiant. She's just a fully clothed human being.

But that is a little unusual in the Duggar household.

Jana may be an adult, but she remains unmarried and therefore is treated as her father's property.

And according to the Duggar worldview, looking "too" pretty is a huge no-no.

Jana Duggar in Vegas

As Michelle has explained in the past, in their warped minds, for a woman to dress and groom in an appealing way constitutes "fraud."

Thei reasoning -- if you can call it that -- is that, by being attractive, women are somehow making a promise to any men who feel interested.

When the women cannot then satisfy these men, because they are not married, they have then "defrauded" them, in Michelle's words.

This belief not only keeps the family in baggy clothes much of the time, but frames women as the wrongdoers when men are sexual predators.

Jana Duggar With Baby Grace

Jana is in an odd position. She is a grown, 30-year-old woman, at an age when most women are fully independent and seen as human beings.

However, because she is not married, she remains infantalized to a degree by her family and by the cult to which they belong.

She is also treated as an indentured servant by her awful parents, acting as an additional parent to her horde of younger siblings.

But she does have some leeway. For example, she is "allowed" to have an Instagram account despite not having a lord husband with whom to share it.

Jana Duggar Instagram Picture

The Duggars were put on blast for flauting social distancing guidelines earlier during this devastating global pandemic.

Recklessly, they gathered in large numbers and even showed themselves in large groups -- a point of pride for that family.

It remains unclear if they responsibly stayed home or if they attended their fundamentalist church on Sunday for Easter service.

Some think that the Duggars made the smart choice. Others think that they went to church despite the pandemic, but are keeping it a secret from fans.

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