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Last week, a nude photo of Kailyn Lowry made its way across social media.

Since the pic resembled an earlier nude maternity photo that Kail had posted on Instagram, at first, fans didn’t think much of it.

Kailyn Lowry on Video
Photo via Instagram

But then, Kail dropped a bombshell allegation.

Not only did she claim that the photo was posted online without her permission, she fired shots at baby daddy Chris Lopez, who alleged that Kail was the one who bore all resonsibility for the pic’s publication.

Kail responded to that claim by blasting Lopez for making a painful situation even worse.

"F–k Chris for saying that!" she wrote on Instagram, complaining that the father of her third and fourth children had blocked her, making it impossible for her to tag him in comments.

Kailyn with Chris
Photo via Instagram

Now, Chris is firing back against Kail’s claims and doubling down in his belief that Kail posted the pic herself.

"As a parent, you should be more concerned with your child’s happiness than your petty insecurities and jealousies. Just a thought," Lopez wrote, as reported by In Touch.

"[People] really need to grow up. [Shaking my head]. It’s really sad,"

He added that he doesn’t "believe the [photo] was leaked."

Chris Lopez With Lux
Photo via Instagram

In the comments section of the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram page, Lowry clapped back against Lopez’s claim, writing, "The photographer herself posted the photo without my permission. F— Chris for saying that!"

Chris’ comments about the leak came in response to a statement issued by Kail, in which she alleges that the photo was stolen and posted online by a rogue photographer.

“My team and I have been made aware that a personal photo of me was posted online without my knowledge or permission,” the MTV star wrote in a statement posted her Instagram page.

Lowry, Kailyn Rae

“To say I am deeply saddened and humiliated, especially after the ill-advised posting of my previous maternity photo, is an understatement," she continued.

"I had no plans to release this photograph. I ask that any accounts that have reposted it to remove it, and other accounts to refrain from reposting it. Thank you.”

The statement references an earlier nude photo of Kailyn from the same photoshoot that was widely mocked.

We may never find out for certain exactly what transpired here, but it seems Kail is doing her best to put the whole thing behind her.

Kailyn Lowry at 27 Weeks
Photo via Instagram

Kail posted the above selfie in order to celebrate the 27-week mark of her pregnancy.

While the reality star lamented her plight on Twitter, she now seems determined to move on.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tries to leave him in her past, Chris will continue to be a part of her life as father to two of her four sons.