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Last week, we declared Kendra Caldwell the most popular Duggar in-law.

That might still be the case overall, but it looks like we’ve got a new winner in the male category, and it’s probably not the Duggar son-in-law that you would expect.

Ben Seewald, Post-Haircut
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Ben Seewald has spent the quarantine rising through the ranks to become the most well-liked of all the men who have married into the Duggar clan.

You might have been expecting Derick Dillard to take the top spot due to his fearless feud with Jim Bob Duggar.

Or perhaps your vote would go to Jeremy Vuolo for enabling Jinger’s "modern lifestyle" that’s surely made her the envy of her sisters.

But no one is quite as popular among Duggars and Duggar fans alike as Jessa’s husband, Ben.

Jessa Seewald, Ben and Kids

The reason for this can be seen in Seewald’s behavior during the coronavirus quarantine.

Ben might not be quite as progressive as Jeremy, and he might not rage against the Jim Bob machine as courageously as Derick.

But when the chips are down, Ben does what he needs to do — and in this situation, what he needs to do is the dishes.

Yes, as you’re probably aware, the Duggars have very "traditional" (read: archaic and idiotic) ideas about gender roles, and household duties are clearly divided into "men’s work" and "women’s work."

Photo via Instagram

The latter category encompasses all kitchen duties, including cooking three meals a day and cleaning up after three meals a day.

So fans were surprised by Ben’s latest Instagram post which indicates that he happily lends a hand with the post-dinner dishes.

Not only that, he encourages his kids — two of whom are boys — to lend a hand as well.

Ben posted the photo below this week, along with a post reading:

Photo via Instagram

"These two are always eager to be part of my dish crew."

Pictured are Ben and Jessa’s youngest, son Henry, and their daughter Ivy.

Eldest son Spurgeon was not in the shot, but sources say Ben and Jessa encourage all of their kids to lend a hand with every type of household task.

“Such adorable ‘helpers,’” Anna Duggar commented.

Photo via Instagram

“Too cute!” Jinger Vuolo wrote on the pic.

Obviously, Ben doesn’t deserve a medal for helping out with the dishes and encouraging his kids to do the same.

But this is just one of many indications that Jessa and Ben’s marriage is "the most equal" of all the Duggar unions, as fans have described it.

For example, Jessa has been socially-distancing from the rest of her family since the very earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ben  and  His Boys
Photo via Instagram

Many Duggars believe the coronavirus is a hoax, but apparently, Jessa and Ben discussed the matter together and decided it would be better to play it safe than regret it later.

They reached this decision knowing that Jim Bob would likely disapprove, but once they both agreed on it there was no going back.

It’s almost like the Seewalds are a typical married couple, and not members of some bizarre evangelical fertility cult.

And those who know them both say that newfound independence is all because of Ben.

He may not have clashed with Jim Bob in a public arena like Derick did, but sometimes, quiet strength is the most effective of all.