Tori Spelling: We Ran Out of Friggen Toilet Paper!

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A full house may be full of love, but Tori Spelling and her bullied children are discovering that self-isolation has its drawbacks during this pandemic.

She took to social media to reveal that her whole family is sick, and that they very quickly ran out of toilet paper at the worst possible time.

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Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, March 12, Tori Spelling shared a major life update.

"We’re all sick and the kids’ schools are closed," Tori revealed.

She continued: "so we’re all home."

"And it’s raining," Tori added. Not too common of a sight in Southern California.

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"And the stores are out of toilet paper," Tori lamented in her Instagram Stories.

"And," she reminded her fans and followers, "we have seven butts to wipe."

Five kids and two adults ... that's a lot of butts, folks.

"And," Tori reiterated, "no toilet paper to be found."

Tori and Dean McDermott

"My husband is a rock star… he found TP!" Tori announced hours later, praising Dean McDermott.

She raved: "Miracles do happen."

It is unclear if he managed to locate this toilet paper stashed within the house, or if he found it at a store.

Either way, we're sure that it was welcome news to all seven of those butts.

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As we are all aware, Tori is not alone in her frustration with sudden shortages of basic supplies, most famously toilet paper.

Whereas normal people might purchase toilet paper to get them through a matter of weeks or months, others have taken to hoarding.

Treating this pandemic as if it is the end of civilization itself, some greedy, selfish people have filled their entire cars with toilet paper.

Other products, like hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes, have been hoarded for resale by vile opportunits who already have a lot of money.

Dean McDermott and Family

Tori and Dean have five children and are, at least when compared to most American families, rich.

But even they did not panic and buy out all of the toilet paper in town.

It would probably have been prudent of them to make sure that they were stocked up weeks ago.

There's one group of people that simply cannot stock up: the working poor, who have so little money that they cannot buy in bulk.

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Notably, Tori does not specify whether she and her family have the coronavirus or are simply suffering from an ordinary cold.

Without a test kit, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two with any real certainty.

Unfortunately, thanks to a woefully unprepared and underfunded CDC and the firing of the pandemic team, all resources are in short supply.

It is smarter for us to all act as if we believe that we are already carriers. For millions, this is true.

Dean McDermott with Wife

Tori has spoken openly about the bullying that some of her children have experienced at school.

That is a tragedy. Hopefully, children spending this time at home will help them to establish better priorities.

Tori and Dean's children certainly do not deserve to be bullied.

No child does. Plus, they can't control who their parents are.

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