Peter Weber Defends His Mom: She Didn't Make Me Dump Madison!

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Well, it's all over, and it was disappointing to pretty much everyone involved.

Sure, those comments might apply to Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, but we're actually talking about his relationship with Madison Prewett.

Pete Weber and Madison Prewett

As you've probably heard by now, Peter and Madison broke up just 48 hours after that infamous finale, in which he kicked Hannah Ann Sluss to the curb in order to pursue Prewett.

Interestingly, the breakup wasn't even the most controversial part of the episode, as Peter's mother, Barbara Weber, was destroyed on social media for allegedly tampering in her son's relationships.

Some even went so far as to claim that Peter felt the need to cut his overbearing mom out of his life after the show aired.

But we now know that's not true:

Weber shared the above video on his Instagram page this week.

It opens with a closeup of a headline from a celebrity gossip site.

“Peter Weber’s Relationship With Mom Barb ‘Has Been Strained’ Since Bachelor Finale,” he read aloud as he panned to his family's dogs in search of comment.

“Lewis, any comments on that one?" he asked one of the pups before panning over to his mom.

Peter Weber and His Mom

"Barb, any comments on that one?”

Barb cooed, "I love you," which is probably her reaction every time Peter looks in her direction.

Anyway, the video served as a refutation to the rumors that Peter is on the outs with his mom.

But what about those claims that she forced him to dump Madison?

Peter Weber's Mom

Well, Peter addressed those rumors in a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight.

"It's tough, but it's for the best, and all the love in the world to Madi, [and] to Hannah Ann," he said of his current situation.

Asked point-blank if his mother had forced him to break up with Madison, Peter replied, "No."

"This is stuff between Madi and I, solely, 100 percent," he explained.

Madi Prewett and Peter Weber

"And people will have their opinions but this is just between the two of us, and it's just a mutual respect and love. That's all."

For her part, Barbara hasn't shied away from commenting on the situation, and she insists she did nothing wrong in her interactions with Madison.

"There's nothing for me to apologize for," she insisted, adding that she doesn't "hate" Madison. 

"We just simply say that Madison's values and Peter’s don’t align. Her values don’t align with Peter’s, but no, we don’t hate her," Barb said.

Peter Weber on Instagram

"They just don’t align and… you want to protect your kids no matter how old they are."

Peter's brother, 25-year-old Jack Weber, has also been quick to come to his family's defense.

“Half these people don’t even have the slightest clue as to how far Madi is from what the TV shows,”

“If you think I only talked to her for 5 minutes then you really have no idea how this show works.”

Peter and Jack Weber

Accused of having "bad morals" for rejecting the supremely chaste Prewett, Jack replied:

“Caring about my brothers future and trying to offer advice because I might actually know him a little better than you? … reallllll bad morals over here,” he wrote.

Needless to say, the controversy over the Weber clan is likely to continue.

And it's led to speculation that they might have a future in reality TV.

Poor Peter Weber

Asked if he would consider starring in a Bachelor spinoff with his mom, Peter left little doubt.

"Everyone loves Barb. For sure [I'd do it with her]," he quipped. 

But would fans tune in?

Well, never underestimate the power of a good hate-watch.

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