Kailyn Lowry Fires Back After Fans Encourage Her to Stop Chasing That D

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Kailyn Lowry deserves a little bit of criticism, you guys.

Questions and doubts are to expected when a high-profile person gets pregnant with four kids by three different men, including twice by someone she's gotten a restraining order against.

Kailyn Lowry Style

Lowry has a few issues, that's all we're saying.

She would admit this herself. She has, in fact.

And yet: The Teen Mom 2 star does NOT deserve the kind of extreme hate and derision that has come her way.

Honestly, no one does.

Kailyn Lowry and Her Sonogram

As previously reported and discussed, Lowry has been slammed left and right by random trolls on social media.

One loser told Lowry to keep her legs closed.

Kailyn has said that this pregnancy, her fourth, has put her through more anxiety than the prior three combined.

And, again, yes, she made her own choices.

Kailyn Lowry Pregnancy Announcement

She has brought a lot of these criqitues on herself. But they've plummeted to unfair new levels of magnitude.

"The hate I get from followers and viewers is on another f-cking level," the MTV star Tweeted a few days ago.

And that was before some jackass wrote this:

Kailyn Lowry hate

"You're so f-cking pathetic!" someone actually wrote.

"Quit chasing dick & men that don't want you."

"Learn how to take care of your kids by your damn self."

That's a lot.

In Celebration of Lux

As the Teen Mom 2 cast member recently told a different keyboard warrior, she absolutely takes care of all her kids.

Lowry is anything but a deadbeat mom.

"I receive messages and comments and DMs and tweets like this all day long," wrote Lowry on Instagram.

"Messages like these are not few and far between. And messages like these are exhausting."

Kailyn Lowry Baby Bump

Added Lowry in her reasoned reply:

"People are constantly telling me not to let it get to me but they have no idea what it’s like to see hate like this cloud [everything]."

"The crazy part about this is that I don’t seek men out. I don’t sleep around. My kids know their dads. I ask them for nothing."


She is actually correct in saying this.

We can't even think of any man Kailyn has dated with whom she did NOT have a child. (Women are a topic for another time.)

The 27-year old doesn't sleep around or even date around; she simply gets pregnant by every man she dates.

It's an unusual situation, to be sure.

Kailyn Lowry: Fully Nude

Lowry is more self-aware than most, and knows that she's in the spotlight and can't plead totally innocent in all of this.

She concluded on Instagram by saying the following:

You can have any opinion you want about me.

THATS fine.

Kailyn Lowry: Topless on Twitter

But it’s none of my business.

So before you actually send me the hate message - or anyone the nasty comment please ask yourself what your end goal is here...

Does this make you feel good?

Do you think it’s going to change something in me?

Kailyn Lowry Selfie Alert

Lowry has since made her Twitter account private.

And can anyome blame her? 

If there were one thing we would criticize her for, it's even reading these comments in the first place. Just turn off comments! There's a function for this! Or don't feel the need to respond!

Soaking the Sun

Anyway, all of this aside, she's able to pull back and stay focused on the only task that matters now - raising these boys.

“At the end of the day, I have three children that are happy, healthy, wonderful kids," she told celebrity gossip magazine Us.

"I know I’m prepared to raise another baby on my own and we are all so excited to welcome him into our family.”

God speed.

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