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Just last week, The Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers watched the exact moment that Joe Giudice knew that his marriage was over.

Now, Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, is praising the split — saying that Teresa went through hell during her 20 years of marriage.

Joe Gorga Points Up
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Joe Gorga has opened up to In Touch Weekly about his take on both Teresa and Joe in the wake of their separation.

He reveals that he not only unfollowed his brother-in-law, but has actively blocked him on Instagram.

"I keep myself away from toxic people," Joe explains.

As Joe continues, it’s clear that he feels that the other Joe is more than just toxic where Teresa was concerned.

Photo via Instagram

Joe Gorga reflects upon his sister’s two decades of marriage and it’s clear that he’s wanted it to end for a while.

"The way he spoke to her," he begins, clearly fuming.

"And," Joe continues, "the way he treated her…"

He characterizes his brother-in-law by saying: "he put her through hell."

Joe Gorga Poses
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Teresa announced the split — after months or even years of hype — last November.

Since then, Joe says, Teresa has been managing to cope with their separation despite a rollercoaster of emotions.

"There are days I speak to her and she’s happy," Joe says of his sister.

"And others," he shares, "where she’s depressed and sad. It’s tough."

Whatever you feel about Joe Giudice, even if you feel sorry for him, it’s easy to see where Joe Gorga is coming from.

We all heard the nasty way that Teresa’s then-incarcerated husband spoke to her on the phone from behind bars.

He even seemed to manipulate their daughters to take his side.

Coupled with his struggles to convey affection like a human being, it would have hurt Teresa and aggravated her loved ones.

Joe Giudice Realizes That It's Over
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The latest physical issue of Life & Style says that the divorce may be getting worse, not better, for the Giudices.

"They’re trying to be civil for the sake of their four daughters," an insider characterizes.

The source then claims that "Things are starting to get nasty, though.” 

Apparently, this comes down to Teresa feeling irate about Joe’s new podcast ideas and his alleged plot to reveal “explicit details about [his] cheating."

Joe Giudice with a Selfie
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Additionally, reports claim that Teresa is concerned that an amicable separation could devolve into a scramble to protect her assets.

Teresa currently has a reported net worth of $11 million. Online estimates can be off, but regardless, she doesn’t want her fiinances to plummet.

"Joe needs money," the insider points out.

The source says: "She thinks he may try to take her to the cleaners!"

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It is, of course, difficult to say how this awkward separation will change over time.

We would of course hope that Joe will keep a filter on what he releases to the public, in part for the sake of his daughters if not Teresa.

They can shelter their girls all that they like, but they’ll still learn things — from classmates if not from anyone else.

If Joe and Teresa are very, very lucky, a massive administrative change in the US could lead to deportations being overturned. If they stay married.