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Even though Amy Duggar has a strained relationship with Jim Bob because she lives life like a normal person, fans have always loved her.

… Until now, that is. A recent photo has even her longtime followers up in arms. 

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On this year’s International Women’s Day, the widely loved Duggar cousin posed standing triumphantly atop her husband, Dillon.

"Happy Women’s Day!" Amy captions the triumphant and humorous photo.

"Today," she writes, "let’s celebrate all the strong, beautiful and loving women who truly do it all!"

Amy’s post concludes: "May we never forget that we are loved, worthy, and capable!"

Duggar and Dillon

Unfortunately, some wildly absurd buzzkills decided that Amy’s cute, consensual celebration with her husband was bad for society, or something.

"If the roles were reversed society would absolutely hate this picture and call it ‘sexist,’" one comment gripes. "Please think before you post."

"We don’t need to step on the men in our lives though," another whines.

"Feminism is about equality. It’s not about degrading men," a comment correctly states. "Especially those who love and support us."

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Pose

"Kinda cringing on this one. And it’s totally not ‘hate’… I just think we can celebrate women without tearing men down," another gripes.

"Maybe it’s a joke… but lots of jokes fall flat… and this is one of them," the buzzkill complains.

That same comment concludes: "A few people saw some humor in it… but most didn’t."

"This isn’t the way to show your husband supports (literally and metaphorically) his strong wife," another declares.

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"He supports her by standing beside her, loving her for who she is, and encouraging her to follow her dreams," the comment ‘splains.

The comment concludes: "not by lying on the ground underneath her foot!"

"Now that you have a son. Would you like his wife to do this?" whines another absurd hater.

"I think you are a strong woman," the follower adds, "but that doesn’t mean our husbands or boys need to be weak so we can be strong."

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Just to quickly address a couple of those, yes, feminism is about equality not role-reversal and dominion. That would be called matriarchy.

But … it’s just not that deep of a post, folks.

And while it’s true that the reversed roles would be called sexist, that’s because the reverse image would have social and cultural power behind it.

This image, in contrast, is powerless and harmless. This kind of complaining is comparable to people who think that BLM is a hate group.

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"This is just a fun, silly picture. If you don’t have something nice to say then shut up," a defender advises.

"Really. I hate that phrase but Amy is such a kind and uplifting person so clearly this picture is not a serious one," the fan adds.

The defender concludes: "You people need to get a grip and stay in your lane!"

"You and your husband can see the fun of this picture together, thats the most important," another writes. "Let’s not always look at the negative side."

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The vitriol and backlash was so intense that Amy’s husband, Dillon, stepped in.

"Everyone needs to stop, take a step back, remove the hate, and just have a laugh," he begins.

His comment continues: "My wife and I support each other wholeheartedly and this was nothing more that having some fun while shooting one day."

"If you all can’t just laugh and have a good time on here," he says, "then I would hate to see how you react to real offencive content on social media."