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Well, we didn’t know quite what to expect when we pressed play on the first episode of Love Is Blind.

In fact, there’s pretty much no way we could have predicted the insanity we were about to witness — but just like the two couples who said "I do" on last night’s season finale, we’re sure glad we gave this wild experiment a chance.

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In case you’re late to the party, Love Is Blind is a new Netflix series that can best be described as a dating show on steroids.

As with The Circle — the streaming service’s other recent foray into the world of reality television — Netflix didn’t drop every episode of LIB on us at once.

But they also didn’t stretch the whole thing out over 3 months and 47,000 hours, as ABC does with The Bachelor.

Love Is Blind came to us over the course of three weeks — enough time to build the tension, but not so much that you feel like you’re gonna be collecting Social Security before this thing comes to an end.

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Anyway, the show resembles many other dating series, but with one important twist — the single participants must commit to their partners before they ever lay eyes on them.

Once they finally see each other after the initial speed-dating round, they have a matter of weeks to decide if they’re compatible enough to get married in the season finale!

It might sound like such a crazy system could never result in a love match, but believe it or not, five couples were still together — and contemplating tying the knot — heading into Thursday’s season finale.

Even more shocking is the fact that two of them went through with it and actually got hitched!

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First up is Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed — and if there was anything predictable about Love Is Blind, it was these two.

Cam and Laruen hit it off from the start, and while they didn’t violate their contracts by announcing their marriage, they also didn’t go to any great lengths to hide the fact that they’re still together IRL.

Fans were quick to notice that these two are constantly liking each other’s Instagram posts, and Lauren’s multimedia company recently took professional photos of Cameron!

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Anyway, while it may not have come as a shock, fans were still overjoyed to see the show’s most solid couple tie the knot. Congrats, you two!

The other couple to get hitched — well, we can’t honestly say we saw this one coming.

Matt Barnett and Amber Pike had their ups and downs from the start, and most viewers were of the impression that Matt was not ready for marriage.

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But hey nothing will surprise you like love — especially when Nick Lachey is hanging around offering his two cents on your relationship.

Sadly, the other participants left the experiment as single as they arrived — including fan favorite Jessica Batten.

Hey, at least she can console herself by going home and sharing a glass of wine with her dog.

Did we mention how bonkers this show is?