Wendy Williams a "Disgusting Human Being" Who Should Be Fired, Petition With 67K Signatures Demands

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According to some people on the Internet, Wendy Williams went back to the well of disdain, bitterness and cruelty one too many times this week.

And now she needs to lose her job over it.

Wendy Williams on the Air

The talk show host has made a living of disparaging celebrities for many years now, but some believe she went too far a few days ago.

Yes, farther than even calling Oprah Winfrey fat.

Late last week, Williams was talking about Golden Globe-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix ... when she felt a need to comment on his appearance.

Specifically, Williams made fun of the actor's cleft palate.

Wendy Williams: Happy on Set

"When he shaves off his mustache, he's got a hairline fracture, he's got one of those - what do you call it? Cleft lip, cleft palate," Wendy told the audience, pulling her lip up to further mock the condition.

Yup, this is what Williams did on air:

Wendy Williams Mocks Phoenix

It came as no surprise with anyone with a conscience that Williams came under extreme fire for these remarks and this action.

So much so that she issued a rare apology, referencing a young boy with a cleft palate she learned about online and Tweeting:

"I want to apologize to the cleft community and in Beau's honor, our show is donating to @operationsmile and @AmerCleftPalate and encourage our Wendy Watchers to learn more and help support the cleft community."

Still, this entire situation served as the final straw for at least one critic.

Trashing The Duchess

A Change.org user named Corey Perry has launched a petition titled "Get Wendy Williams Fired" -- and it has  has amassed more than 67,300 signatures.

"So this ignorant piece of work decided to mock Joaquin Phoenix and his 'hare lip, cleft lip, palate' on daytime television and even went as far as pulling her upper lip with her finger, she is a total disgrace," Perry wrote, adding in his statement:

"Kids can be cruel and as a mother of an amazing little guy who was born with complete bilateral cleft lip, hard and soft palate, I am completely disgusted that she thinks it's ok to ridicule and make a joke out of something that is completely out of our control."

Amen, right?

Wendy Williams Breaks Down

In the end, Perry wrote:

"What I am saying is that she is a disgusting human being and in my opinion, if Don Cherry got fired for saying 'you people' than she should be banned from daytime TV."

(Don Cherry is a famous former hockey announcer; you can look up what he said and what happened to him as a result.)

Since the petition went viral, fans have let their opinions on Williams be known in other venues.

Hot Topic Time!

"I think she is a bully. I dislike her greatly," one individual wrote on Facebook.

"I would love nothing more than to see her without a show. But for now, in this county she is protected, she has the freedom of speech. I don't like it...but here we are."

For the record, because it needs to be emphasized here, freedom of speech has absolutely NOTHING to do with this.

It simply means Williams can't be imprisoned for speaking her mind -- of course she can be fired for it. The first amendement doesn't mean there are no consequences for one's words.

THE Wendy Williams

So, yes, by all means, Williams can absolutely be let go for what she said here. Or for what she has said other times over the years.

But should she be?

You tell us, dear readers.

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