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We’re just weeks away from the 3-hour (!!!) premiere of Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

And as usual, the spoilers are flying fast and furious.

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Earlier this week, Peter’s ladies were officially announced (we’ve known who they are for months, but now it’s official … or something) and the rose master himself, Chris Harrison, is weighing in on which conrestants viewers should keep an eye on.

Harrison offered his two cents on Peter’s season in a live Twitter event Monday night.

Obviously, Chris isn’t giving away many Bachelor spoilers (you can come right here for those), and while he keeps his comments polite, he also doesn’t hold back in his assessment of some of this season’s troublemakers.

You can watch the entire 30-minute stream here, if you have that kind of time — otherwise, just keep scrolling for the highlights.

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We already know the identities of Peter’s top three, and Chris offers in-depth assessments of all of them here.

This is the point where we tell you to read no further if you want to be surprised by the events of this season:

First up is Madison Prewitt.

Chris says she was a hit with Peter, the rest of the girls, and the cast and crew.

Madison P. Photo

Madison’s dad is a basketball coach at Auburn University, and she was the MVP of her state champion high school team.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see her dunk on the other contestants this season.

Next up is Hannah Ann Sluss.

This season is already different in one respect — producers are revealing which girls are friends of previous contestants.

Hannah Ann S. Photo

Hannah comes to us courtesy of Hannah G. from Colton’s season.

But despite that insider status, it seems she was caught off guard by the insanity of life on The Bachelor.

"She seemed very naive about this whole Bachelor world," Harrison said.

Fortunately, she quickly got into the swing of things:

Hannah Ann S.

"For someone who is so naive and innocent, she ended up in the middle of absolutely everything," Harrison said.

"Every bit of drama you could run into, there was Hannah Ann. But let me just say this about her. Seems sweet, quiet, reserved? Girl’s got a backbone. Girl’s got a backbone."

And then we come to Victoria Fuller.

As you’ve probably heard by now, there’s been quite a bit of drama surrounding Victoria, including allegations that she broke up several of her friends’ marriages by sleeping with their husbands.

Harrison reveals that at one point this season, Victoria goes on a one-on-one date, only to learn that the musical guest is her ex-boyfriend. Yikes.

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Chris admits that Victoria is involved in a lot of drama this season, but he says drama has a way of finding her … like Forrest Gump? Whatever you say, Harrison.

Other contestants Chris says we should watch out for in Bachelor 2020?

Well, there’s Kiarra, who apparenty "put her life in danger" trying to impress Peter on night one.

Another gal who took an interesting approach to that task is Jenna, who brought another woman into the house and left her with Peter!

Most of these guys are looking for a wife, not a pimp, but hey — Bachelor 2020 will air in a new decade! Who’s to say what might happen!