Tori Roloff Narrowly Avoids a Medical Catastrophe

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Tori Roloff has once again opened up to social media followers about motherhood.

But, in this latest case, the reality star likely wishes she had nothing to share with these fans.

Allow us to explain...

Tori Roloff on Her Story

On January 3, Tori shared the above photo of her and one-month old daughter Lilah.

As you can tell, however, it's not exactly one of the cuter photos this new mother has posted of her second child, and Roloff explains why in the caption.

“Caught the clogged duct before it turned into mastitis, thank God,” the 28-year-old wrote over the snapshot of her tired face and her sleeping child, addressing supporters and adding:

“Thanks for the advice. We’ll be here today."

Tori Roloff and Her Daughter

Mastitis, for those unaware, is an inflammation of breast tissue that occasionally involves an infection.

Such inflammation results in breast pain, swelling, warmth and redness and can also lead to fever or chills for the mother.

Simply put, it sucks to get... as Tori's own sister-in-law, Audrey Roloff, can attest to.

In September of 2018, Audrey talked about this condition just a few weeks after welcoming her first kid into the world.

Just Me and My Bump

“Since delivering Ember, I struggled with mastitis on and off. I was severely engorged," wrote Audrey at the time, expounding as follows:

"On top of that, Ember had a really severe tongue tie that we had to get surgically fixed about two or three weeks after she was born. Before that, I was having a lot of blistering and bruising,”

Ouch, Auds.

We were so sorry to hear that at the time and we're so sorry now.

A Very Roloff Christmas

Audrey is due to give birth to her second child any day now and we sincerely hope she's able to avoid this condition in the coming months.

Tori, meanwhile, who also Jackson, with husband Zach Roloff, admitted in December that getting the painful infection was one of her biggest concerns  of new motherhood.

“Y’all are so sweet for wishing me well,” Tori wrote to her followers just about a month ago, after previously sharing she was feeling under the weather.

“I’m good," she added back then.

"I let too much time pass in between feedings last night. For those breast-feeding mamas, you know … mess your whole body up. Just so thankful it wasn’t mastitis. I’m legit terrified to get that haha. Feeling better though!! Thank you for your sweet notes!” 

Tori, Zach and Their Kids

Welp, in that case, we're very glad Tori has not yet gotten it.

We'll keep her -- and her ducts -- in our thoughts and we'll look forward to the alert when Audrey gives birth.

We can't wait to meet the next Roloff!

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