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Thanks to a new Vanderpump Rules star’s racist tweets, Lisa Vanderpump is having to personally apologize for the idiots who work for her. Again.

But that doesn’t mean that she’s firing anyone. In fact, a report claims that the decision is out of her hands.

Lisa Vanderpump on the Spot

RadarOnline reports that, despite Lisa Vanderpump’s strong condemnation, Bravo gets to call the shots 

"Lisa doesn’t have the power to fire Max,” the insider reports.

The source claims that Bravo “is going to let this season play out."

The insider explains that the network plans to see how things are going "before they make their decision."

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Max Boyens caused more than just a stir when, after he was announced as part of the cast, his horrible old tweets resurfaced.

Though his tweets hail from a time when everyone on Twitter was trying to be an edgy new social media comedian, his went too far.

In one tweet, he wrote that he felt the impulse to punch Asian men in the face.

In a plethora of others, Max wrote the n-word. Racial slurs go a little beyond "shock comedy," folks.

An Icy Look

Lisa Vanderpump very publicly chewed out both Max and Brett for their old tweets, more or less calling them both stupid man-children.

"There’s still a chance for him to be fired," the insider warns.

"Lisa is handling the situation," the source notes.

The insider says that Lisa hopes that the scolding will teachthem a lesson "and doesn’t want anyone fired with the show just starting."

Lisa Vanderpump Feels Mistreated

“She’s heavily reprimanded Max and is discussing what will happen," the source shares.

Max and Brett are not the first dolts to appear on her show. That’s sort of the basis of the entire show.

"Look at how many times she’s fired Jax [Taylor] and James [Kennedy]," the insider notes.

The source explains "that’s taken time and she’s still done it but she’s also let them back."

No Drink for Jax Taylor

Max Boyens’ Twitter is now locked, rendering all of his tweets private.

"Lisa and the show had Max put all his tweets on mute," the insider explains.

The course characterizes: “Max is not a favorite of Lisa’s."

According to the insider: "she said that [if] he gets fired [by the network] people won’t be surprised."

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"Lisa has a forgiving heart like a mother," the source notes.

That’s why Jax Taylor still has a job. That’s why James Kennedy is still alive.

The insider adds: "and does what she feels is best for them and her show."

Sometimes, that means keeping manchildren on the payroll — when it’s even her call.

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In general, most of us know that celebrities, like the rest of us, learn and grow as people over time.

Additionally, we all know that internet trends in humor have certainly gotten a lot better since the years when Max was tweeting these stupid things.

That said, neither Lisa Vanderpump nor I can simply look at Max’s old tweets and absolve him of them.

Why? Because only the African American community can do that. The rest of us can only hope that he has truly changed.