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For those who missed it, we previously revealed a number of secrets regarding the upcoming The Bachelor season premiere.

Click here for The Bachelor spoilers galore.

Today, however, we’re here to run down a spoiler of a different kind; of the entirely opposite kind, in fact.

Peter the Pilot
Photo via ABC

That’s right, folks, we have intel on The Bachelor season finale.

And it comes from a man who basically makes a living as the one person who knows more about this franchise than anyone else on planet Earth.

Yup: We’re looking at you, Reality Steve!

Peter and Hannah 4 Eva?
Photo via ABC

On this television expert’s latest podcast, Steve Carbone said something that has been making headlines ever since –  and for good reason.

Carbone revealed on Thursday that the concluding episode of Peter Weber’s run, which will likely wrap up in May, is unconventional.

"In regards to the finale… I can say with about as much certainty as possible that this was not a normal ending this season." 

Peter Weber is The Bachelor
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That’s all Reality Steve would say on this topic.

Previously, though, he did provide some Bachelor spoilers that at least give fans a clear idea of which suitors will be at the center of this eventual finale.

And he reiterated them again here.

Chris Harrison and Peter Weber Throwback
Photo via Instagram

"I can say that I’m very, very confident in saying [that] as we know, Hannah Sluss and Madison Prewett are your two said," Carbone said on this new podcast, referencing his prior late November announcement.

Hannah is a 23-year-old from Knoxville, Tennesee… while Madison is a 23-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama.

Which of the two will prevail … or will neither of them?

The Bachelor Spoilers: We've Got Peter Weber's Final 3 and a Victoria Fuller Shocker!
Photo via ABC

The final Rose Ceremony will also take place in Alice Springs, a small town located in Australia’s Northern Territory and considered the capital of the Australian Outback.

And it sounds very much as if Weber will not come back from that unique location as anyone’s fiance.

This doesn’t mean that Weber might not be engaged right now.

Peter Weber Pic
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Steve explains that he and his chosen winner may very well have agreed to get married at some point after the finale was filmed.

But the Oracle of The Bachelor spoilers sounds rather adament that Peter does NOT propose on this final episode.

Interesting and intriguing, right?

The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber's Final 6 Contestants REVEALED!
Photo via ABC

Outside of Reality Steve, no one else associated with the long-running show has said much about Season 24. Like at all.

We do know, of course, that Hannah Brown will somehow be involved… and that Peter had the time of his life during shooting.

Can you blame a single guy, really?

Hannah Brown and Peter
Photo via ABC

After the season wrapped, Peter captioned a photo of himself smiling with his beloved dog on Instagram last month.

"Just got back from two months of the most insane journey ever… Told my boy everything and he can’t believe it!" 

If dogs could talk.

The Bachelor premieres on January 6 at 8/7c on ABC with a three-hour opening installment. Yes, three hours. Oy vey.