NeNe Leakes Buys Son a House, Gets SLAMMED by His Baby Mama!

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All of NeNe Leakes' non-stop feuding brings in the big bucks. She used some of those bucks to buy her adult son a nice house.

But that son's baby mama is going off about the pricey gift. Is she just angry, or is there a motive behind her furious rants?

NeNe Leakes and Son Bryson Bryant

Bryson Bryant is NeNe Leakes' adult son. He has five children.

One of his alleged baby mamas is Symone Davis, though he has denied fathering her son.

In 2017, she and Bryson reportedly had a fling that resulted in a now 2-year-old son, Blaze Kai Davis.

NeNe has yet to acknowledge Blaze as her grandson -- Blaze is not alone in that -- but Symone has a lot of opinions just the same.

nene leakes' son bryson bryant house

Over the holidays, NeNe's younger son, Brentt Leakes, took to Instagram to unveil the surprise.

The 20-year-old showcased the spacious two-story home in his Stories.

"My mom bought my brother a house for his birthday!" Brentt revealed, referring to Bryson.

That is a hell of a gift -- if not too surprising from a woman who makes millions every year from reality TV alone.

Symone Davis on IG

"F--k NeNe. F--k her money. F--k Bryson. F--k all of them," Symone ranted on Instagram.

She complained that NeNe "only claims Bri’Asia [as her grandchild]."

However, it's believed that NeNe acknowledges Brayden, Bryson's son with ex Ashley Hill, as her grandchild.

Family can be complicated sometimes. But Symone's issue at the moment was with the house.

NeNe Leakes Swagg Boutique

"What y’all need to understand, is that there is a method to her [NeNe’s] madness,” Symone informed her followers.

She asked: “Why would a woman buy a grown ass man a house that can’t take care of himself?"

Symone complained that Bryson "doesn’t take care of all five of his children."

It's clear that she resents him receiving such a gift while she still gets nothing from either of them.

NeNe Close-Up

"She don’t do s--t for our kids," Symone complained about NeNe.

Symone did acknowledge the rumor that Bryson would be responsible for paying his own utilities.

She predicted that NeNe should brace herself to see some notices that certain utilities had been turned off.

Symone could not be clearer about her disdain for her alleged baby daddy or his mother.

NeNe Leakes Reaction Image

However, RadarOnline reports that Symone's ranting had an ulterior motive.

"She wants to be on the show," the insider claims of Symone.

The source alleges: "She has tried to contact Bravo over and over."

With NeNe making $2.85 million per season, we can understand why others would want a bite at the peach.

NeNe Leakes Selfie

But if Symone wants to worm her way into the reality TV business, she's going about it all wrong.

"NeNe is not going to respond to her,” the insider gleefully predicts.

“Symone is telling the truth," the source claims.

The insider then characterizes: "But the way she’s going about it is crazy."

NeNe Leakes on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10

Back in 2018, Bryson spoke about Symone and Blaze.

"Look, when she was pregnant, she told me the baby wasn’t mine," he said. "I was like OK, cool and that was that. Now … she says it’s mine."

Symone fired back at him afterwards, saying that he was trying to get out of his responsibilities.

"[Bryson’s] been dodging me left and right every time I’ve tried to have him served with papers to pay child support for our son," she complained.

Well, if Symone wants to prove paternity in court, she now knows where he lives!

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