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Just because Brielle Biermann likes to flaunt her bikini butt doesn’t mean that she’s willing to share her personal struggles with the world, too.

But that’s what friends are for. When Brielle complained about a major dry spell, Tana Mongeau shared the text message for all to see.

The Hollywood Gossip

"I miss you," Tana’s text exchange with Brielle begins.

Brielle replied "I miss you more," adding a pair of red heart emojis.

"How are you, hoe?" Tana affectionately asked.

Clearly, she was unprepared for Brielle’s doozy of an answer.

"F–king beyond hungover and really in need of a good dicking,” reads Brielle’s wildly honest reply.

“Other than that I’m doing great, baby," she replies, "how are [you]?"

That’s a pretty normal text to exchange between friends, but Tana shared it because it’s genuinely funny.

"This is why I rarely text @briellebiermann," Tana jokes.

The Hollywood Gossip

We’d say that the lesson here is to be careful what you text to a (fellow) famous person, but we’re reasonably sure that Tana asked first.

The real lesson here is that anyone, even 22-year-old reality star hotties, can have dry spells.

So, you know, don’t feel bad if you find yourself bereft of whatever form of boning you crave.

It can happen to anyone.

The Hollywood Gossip

A few may be confused over why Brielle is lacking in the D department at the moment. Her breakups have been oddly quiet.

She used to date baseball hottie Michael Kopech, but they broke up ages ago. In fact, this summer, he became engaged to Vanessa Morgan.

More recently, Brielle was dating another baseball player, Justin Hooper. The two even attended Tana’s wedding to Jake Paul together in July.

But clearly, that (relation)ship has sailed, and Brielle wants someone to blow her back out.

Tana has shared texts from other famous friends before.

"Love you," Paris Hilton can be seen texting. "You are so authentic, open, and honest."

"Paris, I’m framing this," Tana replies. "You have my heart."

She captions the screenshot "My mentor don’t play. You should see the s–t we say that I won’t post."

Photo via Instagram

Tana Mongeau’s most famous romantic involvement was, previously, her relationship with Bella Thorne.

That changed this July, when she married Jake Paul, the less famous but equally controversial brother of Logan Paul.

Yes, that Logan Paul.

The wedding seemed so odd that many of Tana’s fans believed that she and Jake were merely trolling. Some people still believe that, honestly.

Photo via Instagram

Tana is a YouTuber, but her most famous venture was Tanacon. All in all, it went about as well as the infamous Tumblr Convention.

(If that’s too esoteric or cursed a reference for you, picture Fire Island — it was a catastrophe, but Tana truly had the best intentions)

It’s nice to see that she’s managed to continue on her path. Sometimes, one controversial disaster can end someone’s whole career.

We may not always agree with or understand Tana’s choices (Jake Paul???!) but it’s been fun to watch her career over the past few years.

We can’t wait to see whose texts she exposes next!