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According to Wikipedia, Tana Mongeau is "an American Internet personality and rapper."

This same website, meanwhile, describes Jake Paul as "an American actor and Internet personality who rose to fame on the now-defunct video application Vine."

But now we can call Mongeau and Paul something else entirely…

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… two people in love!

Just how in love, you might be wondering?

The social media stars got engaged over the weekend!!!!!!

According to various sources, including the young YouTubers themselves, the couple was in Las Vegas celebrating Tana’s 21st birthday when Paul popped the huge question.

Tana then announced the engagement on social media, showing off her massive diamond ring on her Instagram Story with the caption:

"I’m engaged @jakepaul."

Simple. Straightforward. To the point. No one is getting confused about what happened based on that message.

Photo via Getty

"JAKE JUST PROPOSED," Tana also tweeted. "i’m……. engaged………………"

When asked if the announcement was just a joke, because the two are sort of known for their pranks, Tana replied: "it’s not. i’m engaged. holy f–k."

No there’s the sort of reaction we were hoping for!

In photos (such as the one below), Tana had previously alerted followers to how Paul gifted her a Mercedes not long before he proposed the idea of marriage to his girlfriend.

"dreams do come true, kids," Mongeau wrote online after receiving the car. "never stop fighting for what u want. THANKS DADDY @jakepaul 😉 😉 😉 ;)."

Photo via Instagram

Paul, who is the brother of controversial star Logan Paul, has yet to post about the engagement news on Twitter.

However, shortly before the celebrations got underway, the polarizing YouTube personality wrote that he didn’t know if he was "ready for vegas with tana for her 21st…"

(This may not bode well for how ready he is for marriage.)

Jake, meanwhile, has 19 million YouTube subscribers.

Mongeau has close to four million.

Despite the pictures here and despite the words out of Tana’s mouth, doubt still remains about this romance.

Or at least about this engagement.

“This whole thing with Tana is like escalating," Jake said in a video on May 9, adding at the time:

"I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s real, but it’s also not. But it also is, so it’s weird, man. I don’t know what it’s going to turn into. Stay tuned."

In another video uploaded June 6, Josh Peck asked Mongeau whether they were actually together.

"I don’t know. Sometimes," she replied, laughing. "I feel like that’s such a YouTube answer."

These two will clearly be together forever.