Ariel Winter DUMPS Boyfriend For More Age-Appropriate Dude!

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Here's a list of things that have gone on much longer than we expected:

1. Modern Family's 47-year run on ABC, 2. Ariel Winter's 3-year relationship with Levi Meaden ... we guess that's the whole list.

Ariel Winter With Levi Meaden Pic

There's nothing inherently bad about either of those things.

They just both elicit the same reaction when you're reminded of them while scrolling through your channel guide or Instagram feed -- namely, that's still going on?! 

But while Modern Family will still be with us many years from now, when TV is a serum you inject into your spinal cord and most modern families include at least one AI stepparent, the Ariel-Levi train has officially come to a stop.

Not only that, it seems she may have kicked Levi to the curb in favor of a younger guy!

Ariel Winter & Levi Meaden, Black and White

Insiders tell Hollywood Life that Ariel was hooking up with actor Luke Benward soon after parting ways with Levi.

And it's widely suspected that there was some overlap between the two relationships.

"There was quite a big age difference between Ariel and her boyfriend Levi and she found herself being a homebody," says one source.

"She really missed her friends and her old life which is why she’s been hanging out with Luke so much."

Levi Meaden and Ariel Winter, One Year Anniversary

Yes, there was more than a decade separating Ariel and Levi, and while an 11-year age difference might not seem like a huge deal, when those ages are 21 and 32, it might mean that both partners are at very different points in their lives.

"As time passed she realized that she and her boyfriend had less and less in common," the source says.

"She felt like she didn’t have a chance to see a lot of her old friends for a while while with Levi and she’s loving getting that time back with them," the insider adds.

"Her entire life was Levi."

Luke Benward

As for Luke, he's a 24-year-old actor best known for his work in the Netflix film Dumplin' and the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie.

He and Ariel have not confirmed that they're dating but they appear to be more than friends in recent photos.

It's anyone's guess how serious they are or how long these two will be together.

But whatever the case, you can be sure their relationship will be outlasted by the eternal juggernaut that is Modern Family by at least 3 or 4 millennia.

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