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There are many words you could use to describe Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of Jersey Shore fame — but "subtle" is not one of them.

Say what you will about the guy, Ron always speaks his mind.

Hug for Harley

Unfortunately, his mind keeps changing, which can make it tough to figure out where Rahn stands, particularly with regard to Jen Harley.

These days, Ron and Jen are finally broken up for good (we hope).

But if you thought that would be the end of the drama, you don’t know Ron and Jen.

Currently, Magro is facing six years in prison for his alleged assault against Harley.

Ronnie on Insta

You would think with all that going on, dude would just keep a low profile, wait for his day in court, and hope for the best.

But that’s not Ronnie’s M.O.

No, Magro is still sharing his insights on social media, and it appears Harley is still very much on his mind.

“I forgive you but stay the f–k out of my life,” reads a meme that Ronnie posted on his account over the weekend.

Jen Harley and Ron Ron

“Everyone say it with me,” he captioned the post.

For most couples, that would be a sign that the relationship is well and truly over.

But Ron and Jen have always thrived on drama.

So does the fact that Magro is once again posting about Harley mean that he’s hoping for a reconciliation?

Kiss for Ronnie

Thankfully, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

“They are broken up for good,” a source recently told Us Weekly.

“Ronnie’s priority is his daughter, so [he’ll do] whatever he has to do to make sure she’s safe.

"He’s really aware of what the situation is with Jen. He’s now recognizing that the relationship is probably not healthy for him, Ariana or Jen.”

Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro

As you probably recall (who could forget?), Magro was tased and arrested following an altercation with Harley at an Airbnb in LA last month.

Harley’s injuries were on display when she stepped out with her daughter later in the week — and yeah, we can’t imagine how anyone is Team Ronnie after seeing those bruises.

Normally, we’d say the best thing for everyone involved is to cut off all contact.

But Ronnie and Jen have a child together, which means their lives are forever intertwined.

We just hope they have the good sense to stay apart for the kid.