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Back in September, the oft-controversial 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima dumped Eric Nichols after seven months of dating.

In the two months since, they’ve been very contentious exes.

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But a lot can change in two months (plus a week). It appears that they’ve made peace and buried the hatchet for good.

How and when? Eric Nichols took to Instagram to post a throwback picture of him with Larissa. Eric’s caption begins:

"I’m posting this to let everyone know that Larissa and I have managed to work things out and remain as friends."

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He writes: "We’ve apologized to one another for the action we’ve taken towards one another in the public eye about our friends family and fans."

"As of now," Eric says. "We have cleared the air and I want to specifically apologize for meeting with Colt & Debbie and posting photos."

"I acknowledge it was a low blow and kid like behavior on my behalf to meet with Colt/Debbie," Eric acknowledges.

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Famously, he took a series of pics with his ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband and ex-Mother-in-Law, in a move calculated to hurt her.

That’s rough. Really rough. And he knows it. He confesses that he did so "knowing the outcome would be hurting Larissa."

"I can’t say exactly what I was thinking in the moment of being invited over to Colt & Debbies. But it has lead me to writing this."

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Here, Eric makes a slight transition from confessing why he did what he did to addressing his haters on the Internet.

"I have no hard feeling towards people who have said the things they have said to me or about me," Eric affirms.

"That’s the story of my life," he laments, adding:

"I’ve had plenty bad done to me since day 1."

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Eric continues: "And have always managed to forgive and look at the bigger picture of the worst that has happened."

"This has been a true learning experience."

"And I’ve learned that in the event of such situations to make decisions. I’ll rethink my actions before taking them into effect."

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Eric writes: "That way I know what sort of impact it will make on those around me."

"Not one thing in existence is not an image. #lotsoflove To every individual reading or hearing this message!"

In the weeks following, their breakup, Larissa began receiving strange phone calls with explicit and hurtful audio.

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Of course, Larissa reported the harassment to police, and strongly suspected that it was Eric who had given this woman her number.

While we wish that Eric had learned to carefully consider consequences before this drama, it’s good that they have now made peace.

After all, we all know what happens to those who are against Larissa.

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!

Larissa and her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, had a scary, violent break-up on the night of January 10, 2019.

Though it was Larissa’s face and torso covered in injuries, it was Colt who first called hte police, so Larissa was arrested.

A month later, she joined Tinder and matched up with Eric, who was a total upgrade from her cheating ex.

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Only a few weeks later, she showed him off at her divorce party, held at Crazy Horse III. It was his public debut.

But rebound relationships in particular have a tendency to fall apart.

We hope that Larissa and Eric both have better luck in their future relationships – both while dating and after their breakups.

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The bottom line is that relationships are emotionally charged, and breakups can be difficult to handle. But we are all adults.

Everyone needs to be able to handle a split like one.

Harassment, badmouthing, and other misbehavior is, as Eric now acknowledges, not a very mature approach to your ex.