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The content in the following article is very troubling and, in some cases, flat-out digusting and difficult to digest.

Please keep this in mind if you choose to scroll down.

Diane Neal

Diane Neal, a veteran  actress best known for her role on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, has accused ex-boyfriend JB Benn of sexual abuse.

In a lengthy and horribly detailed interview with The Daily Beast, Neal claimed that Benn — who works as a professional magician — was a “manipulative and maniacal fraudster” who allegedly “defrauded her of millions.”

She also said that he “violently inflicted emotional distress” on her via “a campaign of isolation, terror and assault, and destroyed her reputation by doing so."

We’re talking truly despicable stuff here.

Neal is 43 years old.

She portrayed  Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak on the aforemetioned NBC drama from 2001-2012, although she left the procedural from 2008-2011.

She has since appeared on Suits, Power, NCIS, The Following and Blue Bloods.

A court document confirms that Neal filed a lawsuit against Benn in April of 2018 at the Ulster County Courthouse in New York.

Neal explains that she and Benn moved in together after just two months of dating in 2013.

Neal’s lawsuit  states that the magician refused to put her on the title for a home they bought together in upstate New York.

She also alleges that he impersonated her in emails and text messages to her friends and entertainment contacts.

Along with claims of abuse and threats, Neal has accused Benn of slitting her poodle’s throat and saying that her cat was responsible for this injury.

The complaint also says that Benn allegedly “bragged” that he “bashed the cat’s brains in.”

Holy f-ck, right?

It gets even more heinous, too:

The lawsuit also  claims that Benn once recorded himself sexually assaulting Neal as she was sleeping days after she broke up with him in March of 2018.

For the record, Benn said in an affidavit filed in January that the accusations were “completely false and outrageously interposed as a tactic to cloud the fact that, on the merits, [Neal] has no entitlement to the relief she seeks.”

On April 1, however, Benn was allegedly arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor stalking the month prior.

He’s accused in this case of driving past Neal’s home repeatedly and sending her an endless array of unsolicited emails.

On Wednesday, Benn pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was fined $200 in fees — and Neal was awarded a two-year order of protection from her ex-boyfriend.