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If David Eason and Jenelle Evans really are faking their divorce for attention and money, well…

… they are doing a mighty terrific job of making it seem real.

Jenelle Evans to David Eason: I'll Give You The Land If I Can Have Our Daughter!

Evans, of course, announced very late last month that she was finally finished with her violent husband, explaining via Instagram that she was ready to move on.

“I’ve mostly kept off social media the past few days because I’ve been focused on making some big life decisions,” wrote the extremely polarizing mother of three, adding at the time:

“I’ve lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And a lot of it hasn’t been pretty. But it’s been my life. Like anyone else I want what’s best for my kids and I want to be happy.

"With time away from Teen Mom I’ve started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I’m starting that now."

But Arrive at It, She Did

To make her intentions clear, Evans concluded:

The kids and I have moved away David.

Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I’ve filed papers to start that process.

The former reality star went on to thank fans for supporting her and assured all that both she and the kids “are doing great.”

Meaning What, Exactly? Well...

As you can see above, Jenelle sounds rather definitive, right?

And yet: Our staff has been debating whether Evans and Eason are truly over for good because, let’s be honest, you never know with these two.

In the days since, however, Eason has trashed Jenelle as "stupid" online, while also mocking her history of road rage incidents and implying that she doesn’t deserve custody of their daughter, two-year old Ensley.

Evans? She’s filed for a restraining order!

As outlined above, Evans cites 11 times in which Eason has abused her — mentally or physically  — and/or threatened her.

She says she is scared for her life and also the lives of her children.

Eason hasn’t really said anything in response, but he did just make a pretty clear statement on his Instagram Story:

"I guess I can take this off now…" Eason captioned a snapshot of his wedding ring, including with it a disappointed-looking emoji.

Might David have finally realized this whole divorce thing is real?

Publishing a photo after the removal, Eason displayed severe peeling and a gnarly band tan.

It also appeared as if the ring had been squeezing his finger a little too tight.

"Its [sic] gonna take some time for that finger to heal up," he wrote.

So there you have it… for now.

Evans has been granted the legal right to keep David away from herself and her kids, while David has taken off his ring.

Is this relationship truly over for good now? You tell us: