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Well, it’s always good news when a healthy baby enters the world.

Of course, when said baby belongs to Chris freakin’ Brown it’s natural for that joy to be tempered with a little bit of trepidation.

Chris Brown is a Dancer

Yes, the singer/songwriter/strong contender for the worst celebrity on the planet welcomed a child with ex-girlfriend  Ammika Harris.

Brown and Harris each shared the news on Instagram Thursday evening.

But Mom’s comment was the sort of thing a sane person would post in response to the arrival of a baby, while Dad’s was the sort of batsh-t buffoonery we’ve come to expect from Brown.

“I was in love when I first saw you,” Harris wrote in her Instagram post.

Photo via Instagram

See? That’s the sort of heartwarming birth announcement we can get behind.

Brown’s, on the other hand — well, we don’t know what the hell Brown’s was.

The 30-year-old took to Instagram to share the big news in his own way.

But of course, he figured out a way to make it all about him.

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Breezy posted the above pic to his Instagram on Thursday.

There was no caption, but his hoodie reads, “BORN," so we guess that qualifies as an announcement.

It’s tough to think of an act more egotistical than announcing the birth of your baby with a freakin’ selfie, but that’s Breezy for ya!

So far, there’s been no information regarding the kid’s name or weight, but at least we know he was "BORN."

This is the second child for Brown and the first for Harris.

Chris Brown Screams

Brown welcomed a daughter with Nia Guzman back in 2015, and to his credit, he actually seems to be pretty invested in being a good dad.

The singer opened up about the joys and challenges of fatherhood in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest:

“So I have a co-parenting job that’s pretty amazing but, you know, learning how to be a dad, especially learning how to take care of somebody else, you know, I barely know how to brush my teeth in the morning!” he joked at the time.

“It’s actually great. It’s very humbling. You know, it’s very calming. I think I was a lot, you know, rambunctious, very hyper as a kid but now seeing that 10 times over.”

Well, we’ll offer our congratulations to anyone who welcomes a new bundle of joy — even Chris freakin’ Brown.