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Things got very ugly on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation last night.

And, incredibly, none of the drama centered around Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Instead, viewers tuned in to see the fallout from last week’s interactions between Zack Clayton Carpinello, Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Angelina Pivarnick.

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In real time, of course, Farley dumped Carpinello after she watched the previous episode and witnessed how he flirted up a storm with Angelina (while JWoww was passed out at a club).

But these installments were filmed months ago — meaning Thursday night gave us a glimpse at at the complete $hitstorm that broke out the day after Zack, Jenni and Angelina got wasted during an evening out…

… and Zack totally groped a stunned Angelina on the dance floor.

The following morning, Jenni woke up —  still in her dress and still drunk.

As Zack quietly tried to get her ready for the airport, Vinny talked to Angelina in the living room.

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"The weirdest thing is I saw you guys dancing at Drai’s, and he grabbed you," he said, adding that he witnessed Zack "touching your ass."

YES! Thank you! Angelina was ecstatic to hear this.

"You saw it! You saw it! I saw your face! Oh, thank God. Thank God! I wasn’t dreaming," she exclaimed, claiming that Zack told her after the club that he would be calling her to say hi.

She thought the entire situation was really odd and felt 24 just got "too comfortable, too quick."

"Even though I don’t like Angelina, I actually agree with her right now, that that was kind of shady situation," Vin said in a later confessional.

"I know that Jenni is looking through Zack-colored lenses right now, but if Jenni finds out about this whole thing, she’s gonna flip out."

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Cut to everyone heading home and a text thread getting underway about what the heck happened between Zack and Angelina.

"We were in a group chat talking about the night Jenni was drunk in Vegas with 24," Vinny told the camera.

"I made a comment like, ‘Yeah, and how about when Zack was dancing with Angelina?’ Angelina says that Zack was grabbing her, she doesn’t like 24, she’s saying his intentions aren’t good, and that really pissed off Jenni."

From there, the episode delved into a lot of he-said/she-said territory, as a now-sober JWoww tried to piece together what transpired.

During a FaceTime call with Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi to fill her in, she relayed her boyfriend’s side of the scandalous story.

"Angelina’s trying to turn it into something like he grabbed her. She f-cking kissed him!" Jenni shouted into the phone.

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Elsewhere, Angelina was busy keeping her fiancé, Chris, in the loop.

"[Nicole] is texting me saying, ‘What happened in Vegas? Did you make it a big deal that he was dancing with you?’" she read from her phone. "How f-cking dare her?!"

Back to Vinny:

"Any time you’re on Jenni’s bad side, you’re also on Nicole’s bad side," he explained.

"So Nicole starts to text Angelina like as Jenni’s little attack chihuahua and was like, ‘What are you saying about Zack?’ So now it’s an all-out war.

Jenni’s now saying that Angelina tried to kiss Zack, Angelina’s mad that everyone’s teaming up on her, that this is gonna ruin her engagement.

"And we’re all about to get together for Deena [Cortese]’s baby’s baptism in just a couple days."

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Angelina then cried on Deena’s shoulder at the latter’s house, insisting that she was the one wronged here.

"But what did Zack do? He just moved you out of the way?" Deena asked.

Angelina said it was an intentional and "inappropriate" grab that was causing major strain on her engagement and life in general.

"I’m stressed out. I lost so much weight over all this. This can break up my engagement, you know? Just her saying that? My fiancé thinks that this actually happened, and this is why I’m upset," she said, wiping away tears.

Jenni. for her part, was having trouble of her own… simply because she couldn’t remember anything about the night in question.

"I just don’t like being that person that’s like, ‘I don’t remember any of it.’ But I’m glad that I was that level because, if I would’ve saw that, her kissing him, and I was in a state of mind…" she said, imagining laying the smackdown on Angelina.

After Vinny tried to explain that Zack had acted inappropriate, Jenni blew him off and said that Carpinello claimed that Angelina kissed him.

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"I’m sorry, but like, there’s nothing for me to be mad at," she later told the camera, adding:

"Unless Zack like physically cheated on me, not my problem! If he kissed her, that would be a huge problem, but he didn’t! Supposedly, she did.

"I don’t trust Angelina. I truly believe Zack. He’s just not capable of lying. There’s nothing for him to gain out of that."

When Deena got together with Jenni and Nicole later that night, she explained that Angelina had come over and cried to her about the situation.

"’Cause she’s guilty!" Jenni yelled. "I would cry, too, if I was like, ‘Damn, I got f-cked up and I kissed someone.’ Zack was like, ‘I have nothing to hide. I would never disrespect you.’ He hasn’t even flinched over it."

(Editor’s Note: Zack has since owned up to his actions.)

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At the after-party for Deena’s son’s baptism, Angelina and JWoww were seated at different tables and managed to avoid each other.

But Snooki approached Angelina and said:

"Don’t be mad at me. I didn’t do anything."

Angelina replied" "Aw, that’s cute, Nicole."

"I texted you to let you know what happened because I black out sometimes," Snooki explained.

"I f-ck up sometimes and I get drunk, and I’m like, ‘What the f-ck did I do?’ That’s why I texted you, to be like, ‘Girl, you were drunk. This is what I was hearing about you.’"

Angelina responded, in reference to Zack: "I just think you’re defending someone that you shouldn’t be defending."

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And, with that, she left the party alongside Chris.

When will the much-hyped Angelina versus Jenni showdown actually take place?

Guess we’ll need to tune in next Thursday night to find out!