The Real Housewives of Orange County: Kelly Dodd Clobbers Shannon Beador With a Freakin' Mallet, May Face Assault Charges

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On Tuesday, a teaser for The Real Housewives of Orange County showed Shannon Beador complaining of head pain after a prank by Kelly Dodd.

It turns out that the prank may have had lasting consequences for both women:

Shannon Beador Worries Over a Headache

For her part, Shannon races to the hospital after experiencing lasting head pain and blurred vision in the aftermath of the incident.

And Kelly? She may just get charged with assault.

We have to start, of course, with Shannon's health.

As the real housewives headed for their stay in Arizona, Shannon was very intent upon this being a peaceful healing retreat.

Wishful thinking.

Kelly Dodd for Season 13

In the meantime, Kelly spent the whole time making jokes about sex and dongs. Seriously, before they even arrived, she was all about it.

Viewers were treated to Shannon asking Kelly what she wanted to work on healing (you know, like "trust" or "self-love" or whatever).

Kelly replied that she had been on the receiving end of some satisfyingly vigorous sex, and therefore needed her genitals healed.

Kelly Dodd Picture

Shannon found this pretty annoying, while Kelly felt that she was being way too serious about what is, after all, a reality show stunt.

The reality TV twosome went to do a sound bath, which is sort of a ritual for both healing and one's own aspirations.

Unfortunately, Kelly was a bit ambitious for Shannon's tastes.

When it came time to express their hopes, Kelly said that she wanted her sparkling water business to do well.

RHOC Shannon head bump 02

"We are at a place of healing, and I feel as though Kelly's making a mockery of it," Shannon complained to the camera.

"Yeah, we all want success in our business," she acknowledged. "But how superficial is that? Don't mock the process."

You don't have to believe that a ritual will work in order to at least be respectful if you're going to participate, you know?

RHOC Shannon head bump 06

Things got worse when the women were asked if they wanted to "stand in a motherbowl to clear your energy field and expand your aura."

Shannon volunteered. She seemed really dedicated to healing, and she has a lot of stress from which to recover.

As you might have guessed by now, Kelly wasn't feeling the same way ... and that's when things got terrible.

She decided to play an unfortunate prank on Shannon.

Shannon Beador Gets Whacked on the Head

Using a short and decorated stick, Kelly decided to give the metal bowl adorned on Shannon's head a good whack.

At first, Shannon thought it was part of the ritual.

Soon, however, Shannon was complaining that part of the ritual hurt, which is when Tamra revealed Kelly's action.

Shannon was aghast, and continued to complain of having a headache from her unexpected stint as a human gong.

As we discussed when we first saw the clip (above), Shannon pointed out that pranks, however well-intentioned, should never get physical.

To her credit, Kelly truly didn't believe that she had drilled Beador in the noggin anywhere close to hard enough to cause any discomfort.

She even offered Shannon the opportunity to retaliate, which Shannon declined.

Emily Simpson and Kelly Dodd hear the urgent care Shannon news

But as Shannon's fears mounted that her headache could be a sign of something worse, she and Tamra departed.

It's always better to be safe than sorry (if you have the means to not only have health insurance, but use it)

In the mean time, Emily and Kelly were astonished when they received a call informing them that Shannon was headed to urgent care.

Some Real Housewives of Orange County

Braunwyn diplomatically suggested that they not mock this move until they find out that Shannon is truly okay.

And at urgent care, an off-camera nurse asks Shannon if she wants to press assault charges against Kelly.

The suspense is killing us, but that's why they left us hanging until next week.

You might think that a whack over the head from a mallet would elicit a response of universal sympathy for Shannon.

But believe it or not, viewers on Twitter were quite divided on the matter -- a state of affairs that really serves as a testament to how widely disliked Ms. Beador has become in recent years.

"I wonder what gave Shannon a bigger headache. The bowl hit or the bottle of tequila she drank. I’m just saying," one fan remarked.

Another Shannon hater was even more blunt, tweeting:

Shannon Beador is Happy and Free

"@ShannonBeador over reacts and exaggerates and blows things way out of proportion. C’mon Shannon stop crying about everything and grow some ovaries."

Yikes. We knew Shannon was particularly beloved on social media, but "grow some ovaries"?

All because she got checked out by a doctor after taking a knock on the noggin?

Talk about adding insult to injury!

Shannon Beador Debuts New Look

Elsewhere in the episode, Emily had her big Vegas show but was unhappy at how distant Gina has grown, despite Gina's personal troubles.

And honestly? Emily seems a little jealous that Gina's found the time to grow closer to Shannon.

Remember, Shannon couldn't stand Gina last season.

In fact, Emily, Kelly, and Braunwyn are all bonding over how unhappy they are with Gina and Shannon's friendship.

At this point, the situation is enough to make you want to conk yourself over the mallet.

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