R. Kelly: New Warrant Filed After Rapper Skips Court Appearance

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Back in July, the widely reviled R. Kelly was finally arrested for sex trafficking. He is accused of a slew of sex crimes, going back for years.

Two major cities and the federal government have been working out something of a prosecution schedule for the disgraced rapper.

Now, the notorious creep has failed to appear in court and has a new warrant issued for him. Okay, wow.

R. Kelly Without Glasses

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that there's a brand new warrant out for alleged sexual predator R. Kelly.

While it's not a shock to hear that he's been charged with additional crimes, this no-show court appearance was in Minnesota.

Kelly was charged in Minnesota back in August.

He is accused of, in 2001, soliciting a 17-year-old girl to strip naked and dance, offering her $200 to do so.

If true, that is deeply disgusting, fits with the many other accusations against him, and is absolutely inexcusable.

R. Kelly Gets Interviewed

Loathe as we may be to admit it, R. Kelly does have a technically valid excuse for ghosting the court in Minnesota.

The good news is that his excuse is that he's already behind bars.

He's currently in a cell, where he belongs.

That prison cell is in Chicago, and no, they did not let him out so that he could wave hello to a judge in Minnesota.

That's more or less what Minnesota was expecting.

R. Kelly Smoking

According to The Hollywood Reporter's characterization, this new warrant was essentially a formality.

(You never know when one of those will be vital. One tainted search can invalidate a whole case, but that bench warrant would still be around)

Prosecutors in Minnesota have claimed that they have been refused access to the accused sex monster.

His cases in Chicago and New York remain ongoing.

Attorney Steve Greenberg, who is actually willing to represent Kelly, says that he was not even contacted about this court summons.

That said, he acknowledges that he is not currently registered in Minnesota.

R. Kelly Sings

Kelly has been accused of so many sex crimes that it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of them.

Over the past few years, women have come forward with stories of being seduced by the famous, wealthy rapper as young adults.

One he had charmed them, Kelly would offer them a relationship -- even saying that he would match their current salary if they travel with him.

Unfortunately, these women have each reported that he would become more demanding over time, eventually becoming violent.

These are the women who have described his "sex cult" of brainwashed women who serve his every desire.

Misbehavior is punished by taking one's phone, starving them, or allegedly with physical beatings.

R. Kelly Image

As horrific as that is, adult women are not his only alleged targets.

Prosecutors say that he targeted young teenage girls -- girls as young as 7th and 8th grade.

These are not described as accidental mistakes. It is believed that he (allegedly) deliberately seeks out minor girls to groom and victimize.

Much of the Chicago case focuses upon Kelly's alleged predilection for not only statutory rape, but making home movies of his crimes.

He allegedly appears on multiple videos committing statutory rape upon minors.

In one video, he is described as referring to the victim's body parts as being "14 years old" as he performs various sex acts.

Hopefully, by the time that Minnesota gets Kelly in for his day in court there, he will have already been sentenced to several lifetimes behind bars.

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