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The Venice Film Festival has attracted a lot of controversy this week, primarily due to the decision to include works by controversial filmmakers such as Roman Polanski and Nate Parker.

But it’s also elicited lots of annoyed groans and eye-rolls due to the decision to invite Z-list celebs wno have nothing to do with the film world.

Farrah In Venice

Yes, for reasons that no one fully understands, Farrah Abraham was on hand for the event.

As you can see, Farrah is being her usually ridiculous self on the red carpet, coming dangerously close to flashing some vadge at the premiere of the new Brad Pitt film, Ad Astra.

We would speculate that Farrah’s goal is to catch Brad’s attention and become the stepmom to his 47 children, but let’s be honest — there’s no way she’s thinking that far in advance.

We’ve seen that look on Farrah’s face before, and it screams, "I only have a vague idea of where the hell I am."

Farrah and Sophia in Venice

That said, Farrah’s purpose in attending was 100% to steal the spotlight from the filmmakers and actors who actually belong there.

And these days, it’s not just her own "career" that she’s trying to boost, but also her daughter’s.

Yes, these days Farrah has a very complex relationship with her 10-year-old offspring.

She frequently slams Sophia in brutally mean videos that she posts on YouTube, but she also never goes anywhere without her.

Wait, She Brought Sophia?

The reason for this seems to be two-fold:

1. Farrah is aware that her own career prospects are dwindling, and she’s desperately hoping that Sophia will become famous enough to support her, and 

2. She’s a former reality star that got fired from her show almost two years ago, and she uses her daughter like a prop to remind people that she used to be on Teen Mom.

None of this is lost on Farrah’s social media followers who promptly roasted her for her latest Venice pics.

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"I don’t think I’ve ever seen another person drag their kid around with them like this to this extent. It’s so strange," wrote one commenter.

"Are you that desperate for relevancy? You’re only known for Teen Mom so nobody recognizes you without Sophia?"

"Lmao how sad. Give up already Fraud Farrah, you will never be a celebrity."

"The kid is not a showpony; why give her the impression that this will be her future?" another added.

Failing Fast

"She’s going to be nuts by the time reality kicks in. It is a form of abuse, and it is sad to watch. Farrah, I think you are doing well for yourself. You want to be in the spotlight; that’s okay," the critic continued.

"You are a adult, but this little girl is not a handbag."

"And who wants to see kids at a adult event? If you are invited at a red carpet kids event then bring her… don’t become a clown just for publicity."

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Of course, toting her daughter around like a fashion accessory is just one way that Farrah has been off her rocker lately.

Over the weekend, Abraham made it clear that she hates poor people with a scathing video message directed at a fan who confessed to having financial issues.

The irony, of course, is that if Sophia proves unable to support her mom, Farrah will be the one with financial issues.

Should be interesting to see where this goes!