Eric Nichols: Larissa Lima Dumped Me Over INSTAGRAM!

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On Wedneday, September 11, Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols broke up after a hot and steamy seven months.

But it turns out that the breakup was not mutual. In fact, Eric has revealed that Larissa dumped him ... over Instagram.

To make matters worse, Eric has now found the perfect way to exact revenge.

Larissa Lima Receives a Birthday Kiss from Eric

Eric Nichols (whose name was initially reported as Eric Foster) dated Larissa from early February until early September.

Unfortunately, their breakup has not been as amicable as anyone (save those of us who get to write about it) had hoped.

Eric has taken to his Instagram to share a screenshot of his travel itinerary from his Colorado trip, saying that it was the catalyst for the split.

'After posting this to my story," Eric writes. "She DM’d me via Instagram very upset, accusing me that I didn’t invite her, so on and so forth."

He points out that "she herself had been sharing excitement in her stories over the upcoming Colorado trip for the past couple months."

Larissa had made that clear to fans, he adds, "and was literally talking with one of my brothers about it THE NIGHT BEFORE."

Eric shares Larissa messaging with family

"When I had put my phone down to shower and show my house to a future tenant," Eric reveals. "I got a call from my mother about an hour later."

He says that his mom called "asking 'are you doing okay?' And she said 'I saw a post from :&@:% on FB that you’re parting ways.'"

"I didn’t think much of it," Eric admits.

"And," he continues, he "said 'I’m not sure, I haven’t seen it yet, but will soon. We’ll be okay, these arguments happen between us often.'"

Eric notes that he thought it was an incident "like when she archives our photos from Instagram when she’s upset."

Larissa Lima shows off Eric Foster in a speedo on IG

"Continuing my conversation with mother 'Debie/Duke' for another 20-30 minutes," Eric narrates.

He writes that he did so "not realizing when we got off the phone, I’d be going back to my DM’s to find multiple messages from my X."

Eric says that Larissa messaged him "stating a finalized break up on her 'now' terms."

"From there," he writes. "I realized I was blocked and the apology DM’s were already packed."

Hard to make things right if you can't get in touch with someone. Word to the wise: don't be impatient.

Eric Foster

"Here’s the thing...." Eric tells his followers. "Lots of fabrication, secrets, stress, endless arguments, and hoops that turned into spirals."

"But," he emphasizes. "There were some high level times."

We should hope so. The two were an item for seven months!

'I don’t wish this girl good luck or bad luck," Eric promises.

"I just wish her a new boyfriend.... or husband," he expresses.

Larissa Lima and Eric Foster

"In the history of an 8 month ordeal I am appreciative of certain outcomes," Eric writes.

He and Larissa both do this thing where they count both the starting month and ending month of a relationship. They dated for seven months.

"All in all, I do want to give a big shout out to the haters who are instigator traders that balance out the positives," he shares.

"Lastly," Eric concludes. "I want to give a monstrous THANK YOU TO ALL supportive friends who follow with love & synergy!"

That is very sweet of him.

Colt Johnson, Debbie Johnson, and Eric Nichols

But lately, Eric's attitude has turned a little less sweet.

He has been hanging out with Coltee -- Larissa's other, more infamous ex.

Eric even spent time with Debbie and with the slot machine that Larissa so despised.

This is a giant middle finger to Larissa if there ever were one.

Some believe that Eric and Larissa were getting a reality TV deal that Larissa ruined with the breakup, which might explain his spiteful behavior.

But maybe it's just human nature. It's hard to fall out of love without some bitterness. This is still a fresh wound.

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