Tanner Tolbert: I Have to BEG Jade Roper to Bone Me!

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In late July, Jade Roper welcomed her baby boy in an accidental home birth that no one saw coming -- least of all her.

Now, she and Tanner Tolbert are working on being parents ... but Tanner is the first to admit that he's frustrated.

He wants sex, but Jade -- just weeks after giving birth -- does not. He complains that he is reduced to begging.

Jade Roper, Tanner Tolbert, Emme, and Baby #2!

Tanner and Jade are now parents to two children.

Emmy is two years old. Little Brooks is just a month old.

Tanner was a guest on Nick Viall's podcast, Viall Files.

There, Nick asked him about his ongoing romance with Jade is going.

Tanner was fairly blunt that things could be much, much better than they are.

Jade and Tanner

"What romance?" Tanner jokes when the topic comes up.

He says that his life with Jade has "changed completely" since the two became parents.

Yeah, that's how being parents works.

But there is one item in particular that has Tanner feeling unhappy.

"I want some sex more now," he says. " Jade wants it less."

Tanner and Jade

"... She's producing milk," he notes. "She's got a baby on her."

"She's exhausted," Tanner says. "I get why, but it is hard."

Not as hard as pushing a newborn baby out of your vagina and then being expected to recover in a few weeks to please your husband.

But go off I guess.

"It's one of the biggest things we talk about," Tanner shares.

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert

"It is tough," Tanner says of having less sex than usual. "I feel like I’ve begged for it."

"And," he adds. "I don’t want to feel selfish."

Better to avoid being selfish than to avoid feeling selfish.

"I hate asking," Tanner admits. "I hate trying, 'cause, like, I don’t want it to be, like, pity sex."

Listening to this guy complain about a lack of postpartum boning is ... not showing his best side to the world.

Jade Roper, Tanner Tolbert, and Emerson Plus ...

"And I don't want to, like, annoy Jade," Tanner says. "And I realize her priority should be on the kids, not me,"

"but I do feel on the back burner," he expresses. "Sometimes I get, like, a little down and throw myself a little pity party sometimes."

"And she understands me," Tanner notes. "And I think she feels bad."


"It usually leads to a little bit of pity sex or pity something," he reveals.

Of course, he needs Jade to accommodate him after both of his hands were cut off in that freak accident.

No, wait, he has both hands and they work just fine. So ... why is he trying to make his boner Jade's problem, again?

Jade Roper Tolbert After Breastfeeding

Nick obviously asks him if he's tried giving Jade some breathing room and just used porn like a normal person.

"I have to," Tanner laments like it's some terrible burden that he alone must bear. "I’m not really a big porn guy."

"I feel like now that I’m married, I don’t want to go that route as much as when I was single if that makes sense," he says.

Tanner then adds: "I don't know why."

The "why" is just an absurd level of male entitlement. Some people have real problems.

"If Jade’s out of town," Tanner says of taking care of his own sexual needs like an adult. "I will."

Well, guess what, buddy. Jade is "out of town" until she feels up to sex again. She's probably still recovering from childbirth.

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