Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon Settle Assault Accusations, CBS Claims

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Late this spring, Pauley Perrette accused Mark Harmon of assaulting and terrorizing her on the set of the long-running series, NCIS.

Now, she's returning to CBS on another show.

According to one CBS exec, Pauley and Mark have totally settled their extremely heated differences. 

Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette

According to Deadline, a reporter at CBS’s TCA summer tour asked a very pertinent question.

Kelly Kahl, President of Entertainment, was asked directly about Pauley Perrette's ongoing accusations of assault against her former castmate, Mark Harmon.

Kahl clarified that she couldn't directly "speak to" the allegations that Pauley has leveled at her erstwhile costar.

However, she said that she and her fellow executives had carried out an investigation which resulted in some sort of "resolution."

Kahl remarked: "I don’t think she’d be back with us if she had huge concerns."

Pauley Perrette in a Sling

Pauley is back with them -- meaning that she's back on CBS. She is not, however, returning to NCIS, and has been adamant about that.

In 2020, she joins the cast of Broke, a new CBS sitcom.

There, the 50-year-old actress will star alongside Jane The Virgin's Jaime Camil.

Pauley starred on NCIS for 15 years -- from 2003 through 2018.

The show about Navy-related crimes may sound extremely niche, but it's one of the longest running scripted, live-action shows on television.

NCIS Scene

Apparently, Pauley's issues with Mark Harmon began when Mark brought his rescue dog onto the set.

On social media, Pauley has since claimed that the dog went wild and attacked a member of the crew, resulting in facial injuries.

She says that she was adamant and vocal that nothing like that be allowed to happen again.

For that reason, Mark allegedly began to retaliate against her.

She claims that he physically assaulted her, deliberately body-checking her, while acting as if it had been an accident.

Pauley says that even since quitting the show, she has felt haunted and even had nightmares about her erstwhile castmate. Wow.

Pauley Perrette Pose

So ... does this mean that Pauley and Mark have really reached some sort of agreement about the allegations and feud between them?

Not necessarily.

If you look carefully at Kahl's words, it sounds like CBS wants people to believe that there's no longer any beef.

Our guess is that nobody loves the idea of two major actors for the network calling each other out.

They may not be on the same show anymore, but they're on the same network and that network wants harmony.

Or at least for both parties to grin and bear it when necessary.

It's not our role to say whether Pauley Perrette or Mark Harmon is in the wrong.

We don't know what may have happened on set.

While Pauley does have a reputation for dramatic or even "nuts" statements, that doesn't mean that she's not telling the truth.

If so, no one should ever be made to feel unsafe at work, even (or especially) because they advocated for workplace safety.

Regardless, it's fortunate that Pauley was able to move on so quickly in her career.

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