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It’s been five months since the college admissions bribery scandal first made headlines.

But much to the chagrin of the many wealthy families ensnared in the FBI’s Operation Varsity Blues sting, the story is a subject of national fascination.

Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade

Fairly or otherwise, former Full House actress Lori Loughlin has become the face of the controversy.

Unlike the other high-profile figures who were (allegedly) caught rigging the admissions process in favor of their children, Loughlin has refused a plea deal and will soon stand trial.

Legal experts say it’s likely that Loughlin will serve time in prison, a fate she likely could have avoided by striking a deal with prosecutors.

The actress clearly believes standing trial is worth the risk, and insiders say she’s desperate to clear her name.

Lori Loughlin Off to Court

Lori’s daughters, Bella and Olivia Giannulli have both dropped out of USC as a result of the scandal

Sources close to the sisters say their uncertain about their future at the school, but would like to re-enroll at some point.

However, a recent development might have convinced the Giannulli girls that they would be better off seeking their education elsewhere.

According to a new report from Us Weekly Olivia and Bella have been kicked out of their sorority as a result of their role in the scandal.

Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose

“Olivia and Bella were both in Kappa Kappa Gamma and the sorority has since kicked them out and is trying to distance themselves from the situation as much as possible,” the source explains. 

The insider adds that the sisters are taking it “day by day" and are closer than ever as a result of the scandal.

“This has strengthened their bond more than anything possibly could," the source claims.

Olivia was a popular influencer on Instagram prior to her mother’s arrest, and it seems she experienced a more immediate form of devastation than her sister:

Olivia’s world came crashing down quicker in terms of getting dumped and losing all of her business, but this all unfolded slower for Bella and it’s been more emotionally devastating.”

Olivia Jade and Lori Loughlin

A source for Kappa Kappa Gamma disputes Us Weekly’s claim and insists that Bella is still a member and Olivia never was:

"The story regarding these two individuals is false," a statement from the sorority reads. "

Bella Giannulli remains an active member of the Delta Tau chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma." 

"Olivia Jade did not complete the membership process."

So perhaps the sisters are clear to enroll in classes after all — though they may want to wait and see how their mother’s criminal trial plays out.