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According to a brand new report, congratulations may be in order for Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper.

Because they’ve landed exciting new movie roles that may even spark some Academy Award speculation for both the actress and the actor?

Nope: because they are allegedly expecting a baby…

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… with each other!

This wild rumor may truly be nothing more than a wild rumor, but it still has grabbed our attention due to the mere possibility of Bradley Cooper  and Jennifer Garner procreating.

According to a website called Celebrity Hush, the superstars are "spending time together."

This site quotes the International Business Times, which writes:

"Earlier this month, Garner was spotted stopping by at Cooper’s house in Los Angeles… the visit was a "secret date" [and] there [is] a "blossoming romance between the two."

An anonymous insider went on to tell this less-than-reliable outlet that "it would not be surprising if Garner and Cooper were finally taking their friendship to  the next level."

Jennifer Garner 4eva
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As for the part about Garner being pregnant with Cooper’s baby?

That’s simply mentioned in this so-called report.

Not exactly a iron-clad evidence here that Jennifer and Bradley are any kind of item, let alone that they engaged in unprotected sex that will lead to the birth of a little boy or girl within the next nine months.

But here’s the thing:

Garner and Cooper starred together on the ABC drama Alias and remain friendly to this day.

Bradley Cooper is an Avenger
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Cooper had been linked to fellow A Star is Born lead Lady Gaga, but she’s now dating some dude named Dan Horton.

Garner, meanwhile, is officially divorced from Ben Affleck and rumored to be in a relationship with some civilian named John Miller.

She also has three kids (Violet, Samuel, and Seraphina) and is 47 years old and it just feels like a stretch to think she would want to be a mother again at this point in her life.

Do we know for a fact that she’s done having babies?

No, of course not.

Jennifer Garner in Black Outfit

Garner does seem to positively adore motherhood, having stepped largely away from Hollywood for many years to raise these children.

She and Cooper also may not have planned on getting pregnant, but even celebrities can make mistakes, you know?

Not that we’re claiming here that a baby in and of itself is ever a "mistake," just that not all pregnancies are planned, that’s all.

Anyway, the general point and the main takeaway is that we highly doubt Cooper and Garner are dating or having  a child together and you should not believe everything you read on the Internet.